Trump Nomination of Betsy DeVos


Trump Nomination of Betsy DeVos

First and foremost, it is important for all MACC members and friends to understand that we are non-partisan and have pledged to work on behalf of our children regardless of administrative political bent, on the national, state and local level.  While we understand that many are left troubled by the election of President-Elect Trump, everyone needs to look for the bright spot in his campaign pledge to get rid of Common Core and return local control.   Trump has stated that he does not want a top-down, cookie-cutter, nationally-dictated education program.  If we can all bond for the benefit of our children, we can accomplish great things for them.

On Wednesday, President-Elect Donald Trump nominated Betsy DeVos to be the Secretary of Education.  While there are mixed reports as to Ms. DeVos’ support of Common Core, in her official August 2016 statement , DeVos declares that she is firmly against Common Core.  This appears to be a new understanding for DeVos in regards to federally-dictated standards with curriculum and testing that naturally follow.  We will have to watch her to see if indeed this new position is lasting.  However, DeVos’ record shows that she and her husband, Dick DeVos, through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and various DeVos non-profits, have endeavored to promote nationalized standards.  In fact, DeVos’ involvement in promoting the nationalized standards’ movement goes back into the late 1980s.  Additionally, Ms. DeVos’ stance on school choice and vouchers is a concern and needs to be watched closely.   MACC hopes that the pledge of the President elect, and that of Ms. DeVos, hold true because the future of our country, our children and children’s education are at stake.

It is important for all the members of MACC to support us in helping to influence our local legislators to follow suit, and working towards removing us from the entanglement of federal control.  Despite which party or candidate you supported, our legislators need to understand that the repeal of Common Core was a national campaign issue, and its removal is an important topic that helped sway voters. As an example, candidates such as Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee lost voter approval due to their overwhelming support of Common Core.   Under local control, it is not only your school board that needs your input and accountability, but our state legislature as well.  MACC needs your help in all areas.

We hope that you will stay tuned and help support us as MACC enters its 4th year of fighting for our children.  MACC will continue to inform you on all of the issues surrounding education, and asking for your help to further our message.  While MACC made some important strides last year in protecting student data privacy, we still face a challenge in returning true local education control to all citizens of Minnesota, and creating curriculum that returns Minnesota to the premier education state in the United States for all students, no matter how their zip code says they should perform.   A return to true local control is an important step in ensuring that our children are truly educated in the best manor possible.




URGENT!!!   MACC is teaming up with Stop Common Core in New York State and all other stop common core groups/organizations across the country.   We want to make a concerted and quantitative effort to reach Trump TODAY!  He is making cabinet and advisor decisions very quickly.

TODAY, we ask each of you to take a few minutes to write a sentence or two or a paragraph regarding the Trump/Pence CAMPAIGN PROMISE to repeal Common Core, to put common core, high-stakes testing, data collection and profiling and any other concern you have with the federal reforms, directly in front of the president-elect and vice president-elect.

Go to this link.  We need quick turn around and QUANTITY of statements TODAY.

What To Do?

Go to and you should see a screen similar  to the picture on your left.  Then in your own words express why you want Common Core gone and campaign promise.

There are 4 easy steps:

1. Fill in your name and email address

2. Make your statement

3. Click the box “I’m not a robot”

4. Hit the “Submit” button and you are all done

Please send us a copy of your letter to where a record of statements will be published, also.

The QUANTITY!  We are on the cusp of truly making great strides for our children and ending Common Core in American schools because of the election results, due to promises made by Trump…

There is a wave and a window of opportunity for ALL the STOP CC Mothers & Fathers nationwide. We must all use this to our advantage on behalf of OUR children and the future of this country.

The Nationwide Movement of Stop Common Core Mothers and Fathers



MACC has a new name!!!

MACC has a new name!   Welcome to a new school year!!!

Minnesota Advocates and Champions for Children is a grassroots multi-partisan group of parents, teachers and citizens, knowledgeable and active in our local government and school districts.

MACC began as a group of concerned parents and teachers regarding the implementation of the Common Core Standards reform in Minnesota.  At our founding,  MACC was primarily concerned with the federal top-down and corporatized educational standards. After further research, we came to realize that the standards and accompanying reforms were secretly founded, corruptly funded and stealthily implemented.  The standards’ mandate and copyright are unconstitutional.

MACC now understands that the Common Core Standards’ and College and Career Ready Standards’ reforms include much more than standards, ie. testing, curriculum, surveys, data collection and School to Work preparations.  MACC also understands that many of our school districts rely on corporate, non-profit and federal guidance rather than parent and citizen input. These additional entities were never elected by citizens.  Parents and citizens are loosing their voice and seat at the school board table.

These reforms exploit youth through insurmountable and undisclosed data collection and discriminate against students through behavioral and psychological profiling.  Information is disseminated to third parties that were once trusted, now graft public/private partnerships, creating a limited one-size-fits-all Human Capital.

MACC believes that true local control, not top-down federal or state mandates, lie best in the hands of parents, who know their children best, and citizens.  MACC’s mission is to inform Minnesota’s citizens about the continued regulations forced via  corporate and federal reforms, how these reforms are reflected in our state district by district and and encouraging families and children to be aware and take action.  In the end, our goal is to work collaboratively by reclaiming our parental rights and true local control.

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.”

~~~Abraham Lincoln

School Survey Notification and Opt-Out Law Goes Into Effect Now!


School Survey Notification:  Parents: Have you been notified of the surveys to be given to your son or daughter, through direct communication?

School survey notification and opt-out law goes into effect now as students begin the 2016-2017 school year.

As we’ve reported for three years, many of our schools are administering surveys to students with little or no parental notification.  To be fair, some districts are giving some notification and MACC is grateful for those.   But the point of this law is to notify parents in advance, when their child’s data is about to be taken via surveys.

The data collected from surveys have been disseminated to a plethora of third parties, including business vendors, corporations, and university research institutions.  Some of these entities may further share or sell that data.   Much of the data is very sensitive and private and may divulge family information, including religious beliefs, sexual affiliation, political persuasion, and other information.

We do encourage parents to become involved which your school board, not only in the process of identifying appropriate surveys, but also vetting where that survey information is going.   This law is expressly written for the involvement and engagement of parents.

Minnesota Statute 121A.065 states that school districts and charter schools must develop and adopt policies on conducting student surveys and their distribution IN CONSULTATION WITH PARENTS.  This is about as close to local control as one gets!  Additionally, school districts and charter schools must:

  1. Directly notify parents of these policies at the beginning of each school year
  2. Directly notify parents after making any substantive changes
  3. Inform parents at the beginning of the year if the district or school has identified specific or approximate dates for administering survevys
  4. Give parents reasonable notice of planned surveys scheduled after the start of the year
  5. Give parents direct, timely notice, by United States mail, email, or other direct form of communication, when the students are scheduled to participate in a student survey
  6. Give parents the opportunity to review the survey and to opt their students out of participating in the survey
  7. School districts and charter schools must not impose an academic or other
    penalty upon a student who opts out of participating in a survey under paragraph (a).

Read the statute.

Minnesota Statute 121A.065

466.11    Sec. 27. [121A.065] DISTRICT SURVEYS TO COLLECT STUDENT 
466.13(a) School districts and charter schools, in consultation with parents, must develop 
466.14and adopt policies on conducting student surveys and using and distributing personal 
466.15information on students collected from the surveys. School districts and charter schools 
466.17(1) directly notify parents of these policies at the beginning of each school year and 
466.18after making any substantive policy changes;
466.19(2) inform parents at the beginning of the school year if the district or school has 
466.20identified specific or approximate dates for administering surveys and give parents 
466.21reasonable notice of planned surveys scheduled after the start of the school year;
466.22(3) give parents direct, timely notice, by United States mail, e-mail, or other direct 
466.23form of communication, when their students are scheduled to participate in a student 
466.24survey; and
466.25(4) give parents the opportunity to review the survey and to opt their students out of 
466.26participating in the survey.
466.27(b) School districts and charter schools must not impose an academic or other 
466.28penalty upon a student who opts out of participating in a survey under paragraph (a).
466.29EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective for the 2016-2017 school year and 

If you would like to help MACC as we continue our work at the legislature, please contact us here or via facebook.

Keeping you informed on CCSS in Minnesota