Slavery of the Mind

“Slavery of the Mind” by Michael Bohr

A concerned and very active father in New Jersey wrote this and we would do well to heed his chilling words.“Slavery of the Mind”
by Michael Bohr, founder of the C-5 (Committee to Combat Common Core Curriculum) FaceBook groupI have been watching as the discussion has progressed over the last several weeks, as parents and teachers gathered together in the fight against the Common Core and all it’s machinations.

There are so many of us coming together from all across the political spectrum, that our use of terminology employed to describe those behind the CCSS finds us at odds with one another.

“It’s the progressives, the communists, the corporations, the capitalists, the Republicans, the Democrats, and so on and so on.

Well, we are all correct and we are all wrong at the same time. We have been pitted against one another and lied to by those we thought to trust. Our fingers have been pointed at each other as the cause of all our woes, while those who should be the targets of our frustrations smile and laugh at us.

What we are facing here is a hybrid of all those things, that has become something new but has at it’s heart the same as it ever was. A totalitarian system of oppression, ruled by an elite class. It is fascism, under a name we have yet to give it.

The assault on education (public, private and charter alike) is a calculated attempt by very wealthy people, some hiding behind a Corporate or Foundation, aligned with very powerful politicians working together to take over the root of all individual power… knowledge. The education of the young. Adults need to be convinced that something is the way they are told it is, children inherently take it as fact, no questions asked. And so, our schools are being subjected to a hostile, quasi-corporate/federal takeover.

So what is it that we are really looking at? In my opinion, it is nothing short of the enslavement of the entire population. Now, I’m not talking about the slavery of the past, the “Slavery of the Body”, where people were summarily beaten in order to keep them in line, though the rising Police State does support such a notion. I’m talking about a new form of slavery. The name of which I call the “Slavery of the Mind”.

This “Slavery of the Mind” is about as insidious as it gets. In the “old days”, those deemed less than human were beaten and killed if they did not comply. The trouble is that this is costly and inefficient. The investment in training, feeding and healthcare make this unfeasible. So, the minds who attempt to direct the path of human kind have come up with the idea that controlling the mind instead, reduces costs, increases efficiency and lines their pockets with greater wealth and power.

These people, such as Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Eli Broad, the Bush family, the Rockefellers, Barack Obama, Arne Duncan, Michelle Rhee and a great host of others have determined that if they just train people while they are young enough to know no better, that they can rule without objection.

Those of us who oppose their plans will of course suffer their wrath through forced impoverishment, imprisonment and in some cases, death.

Parents will be investigated by CFS and determined as “unfit” if they don’t comply. They will be imprisoned and their children taken from them.

Teachers will lose their jobs for not doing what they are told to do and only teach how and what is sent down from above. Their replacements already on the way.

Children will be classified as disabled and medicated for not being able to conform and if that doesn’t work, the “zero tolerance” policies in school, combined with the “school to prison pipeline” will handle any failures there.

Within the Common Core, all the mechanisms needed to subdue a population are already designed and being put into place.

Unworkable curricula, unreachable standards, the constant fear of failure, high-pressure, high-stakes testing, behavioral modifications and the replacement of teachers and parents, by what amount to no more than prison guards who monitor every thought and deed. Reward and punishment always at the ready.

The Command and Control apparatus in the USDOE is already complete as it seeks to take over the State level DOE’s and local Boards of Education. Corporate players have designed the curriculum and “Consortiums” have devised the means to gauge the children, as well as the teachers. Politicians have written the Laws of compliance and enforcement.

Data collection systems are up and running and being surveyed by behavioral specialists in order to control the population via a system of constant assessment and modifications. The heart of the “Slavery of the Mind” is beating strong.

The ever expanding data collection, known as the “SLDS” (States Longitudinal Data Systems) gathers in it’s arms more and more people everyday. At first, it was K-12. Then, it was K-College and onto K-College and Career. Now, it reaches into pre-K as this system is integrated with multiple agencies and private “foundations and corporations”. That “permanent record” we all grew up with is now truly “permanent” and it will follow us from our birth to our graves, as it is merged with healthcare, labor, IRS, criminal and corporate databases. For anyone thinking, “this will never happen”, I direct you to such things as the seat belt laws that would “never be used to pull you over or raise your insurance rates”. How long did that last?

The new “Slavery of the Mind” will start as soon as a child can begin thinking on it’s own… perhaps even before that. Computers and pre-packaged curricula will replace the love and caring guidance of parents and teachers, transmitted through computers and monitored via Assessment Tests and electronic devices, such as has been proffered by Bill Gates, the USDOE’s “promoting grit, tenacity and perseverance report, aka, “The Grit Report”. While the technology isn’t quite ready for deployment, these folks are thinking about it, developing it, designing the software and getting ready to implement it. No mind shall be allowed to learn anything but what is determined it should learn by corporate and government “leaders”.

If a Child refuses or can not submit, the school to prison pipeline is already in place.

For the Educator who refuses to submit. poverty is only a paycheck away.

For the Parent, low wages and high taxation will keep them in a constant state of impoverishment and any further “uprising” will be dealt with by law enforcement and child services.

Still, those things need only be done until, in just a few short years, the children will be sufficiently programmed to do as the State says and their elders are of no great concern. In 10 years, “good, global citizens” will be being churned out by the millions to take over the tasks once performed by their parents and teachers. It will become a self regenerating supply of human resources for which corporations and totalitarian politicians can task to keep them in wealth and comfort.

Once the Mind is Enslaved, it will not think to run from the plantation. Even if it did, there is no place left to go. Assuming there was a place to run to, how would anyone get there with the increasing surveillance, tracking and restricted movement across borders?

Is this a fait accompli? No. The system is still trying to solidify itself.

However, politicians and the extremely wealthy are well aware that WE are aware, so they are in a race to beat us to the finish line.

The ever increasing militarization of civilian police forces, the expanding private prisons, the plethora of new laws that make even a 4 year old’s lemonade stand illegal, the centralization of control over our schools, the school-to-prison pipeline, zero tolerance policies, the surveillance state, the data collection, the oppressive regulatory system, the unfair taxation system that benefits the wealthy and impoverishes the poor, the perpetual welfare state that fails to lift and only keeps people down, the manipulations of the economy by the Federal Reserve the lowers the value of a dollar every time someone gets an extra few, the endless and ridiculous excuses for war, the pitting of one culture against another, the race baiting and oppression where the color of ones skin is only a tool employed to keep us apart, the 2 Party system with no voice of hope but only fear to command acceptance and tally a vote, the bastardization of our language so that we never really know what someone else means because the definitions change by the day, have all come into existence.

And now, the Corporate/Federal take over of our schools and our children to remove from them any sense of attachment to parents and teachers, culture and heritage. Their hearts and minds soon to be controlled and shaped by anyone other than the people who know them, love them and care for them. They will soon be on their own in a world that views them as nothing more than a commodity.

But we have noticed. We are not “finished”, we are just beginning. We are educating our brethren and preparing ourselves to do what is needed with as many allies as we can gather together.

Many will deny what is before them and hide themselves away hoping, wishing and praying that this can’t possibly be true. They will forget the lessons learned of those in the past who have tried this before. They will say, “No, no one would do this, not here, not now.”

We will say, “Yes, here and now.”

We will remind them of the horrors of the 20th century. Of the 19th, the 18th and every century before, going back to the beginning of recorded time.

We will remind them of the many names can we recall from history, of those who sought to rule the world… and the tragedies that followed.

We will remind them, or even educate them of the many Great Civilizations had turned from Enlightenment to Darkness and reigned ruin upon the weak.

It seems so impossible, with all we have learned, that Humanity is once again making the greatest of mistakes… but it is. Here in our country we find it unthinkable that slavery could ever again exist, but it is knocking on our door.

In 160 years we’ve moved from the agricultural plantations to the industrial plants and now to central planning.

We will be told where to live and how to live. What to learn and how to learn it. We will be told how to think and what to think, topped off with how our lives will be spent. What we are facing is a “managed economy”, where people are nothing more than a resource, a biological commodity to be processed and directed where it best suits the continued rule of the Political and Corporate masters of the world.

The Common Core is not education, it is the whips and chains of a New Age, a “New World Order”.

For us, it is nothing less than a Slavery of the Mind.

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