MACC Gears Up to Halt Common Core Implementation

Happy Saturday, on this beautiful Minnesota afternoon! Teachers are back in the classrooms this coming week, if not already, and our students are going back day after Labor Day. And now, my friends, the fight truly begins!!!

***First, have you had a chance to sign our petition? Look to the right and you’ll find the big, red scroll. Second, keep informing friends.   Third, continue to invite friends to connect with others here and over at facebook. Let us know if they need help in any way with CCSS.

Our MACC team is working to stop the implementation of Common Core and we need YOUR help! Here are the first three ways.

1. Contact legislators, governor and MN DOE through a series of BLITZ! calls, e-mails, and tweets. One legislator a week. Professionally inform and educate. My understanding is that they don’t have a deep knowledge of Common Core. Hundreds of people contacting the same person will make a huge impact. The information will be provided and we begin THIS WEEK!

2. State-wide Conference Calls with national experts, in-state legislators and other notable personalities. Once a month teleconference. Invite your friends.

3. Media: We have two Twin Cities’ radio talk shows coming up next weekend discussing Common Core. More information TBA. Can you or do you know someone that can help us with media – written, radio, tv, internet??

4. If you are someone who prays, please pray over our state and national leaders. Please pray for all of the MACC core-team members and all our members that God would bless our efforts.

5. If you are interested in helping out in any fashion, please contact us via the gmail account.