Data Mining and Common Core – It Goes Hand In Hand

Common Core is so important to the open data movement, because it’s “the glue that actually ties everything together.” Remember that statement?

Don’t believe your State Education Agency when it assures parents and legislators that CCSS is not connected to data collection.

A repost from March 2013.

Focus on the Family Encourages Parents to Vocally Oppose Common Core Standards

Focus on the Family has a new video explaining Common Core to parents and citizens as a part of their CitizenLink Magazine.  Listen carefully as the Focus education expert explains why Focus on the Family opposes Common Core and all the requirements in the Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind federal funding grants.  The moderator concludes with, “Parents: Pray for wisdom, insight and for boldness. Stand tall and be heard.

Calling all Northside Minneapolis Parents, Teachers and Citizens

If you live in NORTH MINNEAPOLIS, please get involved with the school meeting at Lucy Laney. Teachers are asking PARENTS to get involved. The brick and mortar reforms (corporate take-over of buildings) and Common Core (corporate take-over of curriculum) are going in at break-neck speed now.  I’m sure you can hear the frustration in this teacher’s voice.

Minneapolis Public Schools, Lucy Laney Building at 32nd and Penn,  Tuesday, October 22nd    6 – 8 p.m.

Parents, guardians – What will it take to get you to show up for the meeting tonight -(Tuesday) night ?

Enrollment issues are causing changes again. Northside kids are getting moved around again! MPS plans to move a school, change grade configurations, again; changes coming around transportation and pathways.

For the majority of the people receiving this email tonight, you have given me your email address at a meeting or a CPEO session. Some of you have been standing up at these meetings for your school and being heard; getting meetings with decision makers.

For those of you have taken CPEO, this is an opportunity to use what you learned at that time. I heard how passionately you spoke about your children. You shared your hopes and dreams for your children. I shared with you how much your kids, your school and community need you to show up and speak for your children.

On Tuesday night, I need you to stand up with other parents for your kids and show up at the meeting at Lucy Laney on 32nd and Penn. The meeting is from 6-8. This meeting was not scheduled, originally, even though most of the changes in Area A affect us.

There is a general sentiment that northside parents don’t show up at these sessions, because “we don’t care,” I repeat, We don’t care about our kids.” It’s time to bring an end to that rumor. If you can’t come, send a family member. Northside voices need to be heard, for a change, and I am talking about all families but, in particular, those of color and other cultures. The voiceless.

I don’t mean to be offensive, but what will it take to get you to come out and stand up for our kids? They say every one person that shows up, represents 10. It would be so much better if ten were there to speak for themselves and represent 100. I often hear complaints after the change has been made. This is your chance to get ahead of the curve. This is where the decision makers are. I’m tired of hearing people talk trash about the northside and our families. Our kids deserve better !

CPEO parents. please come and start to exercise your muscle like families in other parts of the city do. I hope you’ve noticed that they have gotten results at the other listening sessions.

If you have suggestions or ideas on how MPS can better engage you and better educate your children, bring those ideas with you. Time for complaining is over, it’s time for a change and only you will decide whether you are part of that change. Sorry there isn’t a nicer way to say it, but it is what it is ! It has become a matter of survival.

Throughout my ten years with MPS, I have tried to get answers for you, cut through red tape and help you connect with other resources. I have tried to speak for you and have pleaded with you to show up. Each time I said, “my parents want,” the question has been – where are they?” I know you remember me saying that !

I no longer work for Minneapolis Public Schools. This isn’t about a job it’s about my passion for our kids and families. I need you to start speaking up. I am still a member of the community, invested in it, our children and families. I’m not going anywhere. I still have grandchildren in MPS, in schools that are affected. So do you !

Please join us at Lucy Laney from 6-8, 32nd & Penn Ave. No.
Feel free to share,
Lynne Crockett”