MACC BLITZ Continues with Senate!!!

Our MACC BLITZ CAMPAIGN continues!  Professional and courteous communication with our state leaders.  We are informing and educating leaders about Common Core State Standards, stating our opposition, asking for a complete repeal/full stop to implementation and asking for their position.   We continue the campaign with the Education committee members of the House and Senate, then moving to our Senators, Governor and DOE.  Thus far we have contacted Rep. Paul Marquart and Rep. Linda Slocum of the MN House Education Finance Committee (Chair and Vice-Chair) as well as Sondra Erickson, Republican Lead of the Education Policy committee.  If you’ve not had a chance to call these three state leaders, please do so!  (All information is found under the Minnesota Specific tab.)

Introducing Rep.  Carlos Mariani (DFL) and and Rep. Kathy Bryaert (DFL)!!!  Rep. Mariani is the Chair of the Education Policy Committee and Rep. Bryaert is the Vice-Chair. Let’s find out Carlos’ and Kathy’s position on Common Core!  You may comment on this post, if desired, to let us know about your conversation.  Choose your own mode of communication.  We CAN make a great impact when we work together!!!

NOTE:  When calling your legislator, do not be concerned about whether or not you get everything said “just right”.  It will be more effective if it does not sound “canned.”  The biggest factor will be the volume of calls which translates into votes for or against the legislator and our cause.  Call early and, if you can, call again or use another mode of communication.

Using the guide below, keep your calls short and to the point.  You will most likely talk with a legislative aid.  Offer to provide detailed documentation for the legislator if they are interested and someone to meet with them at their convenience.  You do not have to meet them, unless you desire.  We can meet with them.  Let  them know about our group, Minnesotans Against Common Core.  Have some fun and know that this IS important!!!

Always be cordial and pleasant and “smile when you dial”.   Always thank them for listening and assure them that you or someone else will follow up.  Common Core will be an issue at District caucuses!

Representative Carlos Mariani’s Information:

Phone: 651-296-9714

Legislative Assistant:


Twitter #:

Address:  Representative Carlos Mariani, 381 State Office Bldg., 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN  55155

Facebook:  Carlos Mariani  ”Like” his facebook page and let’s dribble our info on Common Core

Representative Kathy Brynaert’s Information:

Phone:  651-296-3248

Legislative Assistant:



Address:  Same as above per Rep. Kathy Brynaert

Facebook:  “Like” Kathy Brynaert’s facebook page and let’s dribble information on her facebook page

Common Core Telephone Call Guide/E-mail or Mail Template

“Hello, this is _________________________, and I’m concerned about our state’s education programs.  I am a voter in the ________________ District and I object to the Common Core State Standards and loss of Local Control.

“What is Representative Mariani’s (or if you are speaking with Rep Mariani – YOUR) position on this?”  If against, encourage and support.  Most likely, they are wanting additional information or may be in favor out of ignorance.  If so, then…)  ((In no particular order – you may have other concerns)).  I, as a citizen, had no knowledge of Common Core Standards until recently.

“I will explain VERY briefly why I am against implementing Common Core Standards.

*  It is a loss of Local Control, that removes the voice of parents, teachers, principals, and School Boards.  I believe in parents and teachers making decisions about our schools.  I was never informed or asked if I wanted this new educational system.

* Common Core is unconstitutional and goes against the 10th amendment and three federal laws.  Again, from a legal standpoint, Common Core is against our laws and Constitution.

* Costs are estimated to be $16 billion with 90% paid by the states and we may have NO say in what’s being taught, when standards are copyrighted.

* The data tracking requirement from prenatal to workforce is an intrusive violation of the privacy rights of our children and their parents.

* The standards themselves are a deliberate dumbing down of our children as shown by performance scores that have steadily deteriorated since the inception of the Department of Education.

* The standards are so low that the two educators on the Common Core Standards Validation Committee refused to sign off.

Appreciate everyone “doing their part” by informing our state leaders!


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