Our Nation’s Greatest Catastrophe: An Education Takeover – Carver County, Dec. 10th

Want to know more about Common Core Standards as well as the adjoining reform system?  Want to meet up with others who are experiencing difficulties for their children and families?

MACC will hold another in a series of Common Core talks at the American Legion in Waconia, MN on Tuesday, December 10th at 7:00p.m.  Our Nation’s Greatest Catastrophe:  An Education Takeover will include a power point presentation and question/answer session.  The address is 233 South Olive Street.  The venue seats 200 so please come a bit early.  There will be a donation to help cover the costs of the room.

The presentation is updated often and includes information that is Minnesota specific.  Bring a friend or two and join us!


The mission of Minnesotans Against Common Core (MACC) is to inform and educate the public about the educational reform system known as Common Core “State” Standards.  We are giving presentations throughout Minnesota.  Please contact us if you have a group or organization that would benefit from this information.

Common Core Meet & Greet in Princeton

Mark your calendar for Thursday, November 21st at 5:30PM, Social Time, 6PM presentation on Stop Common Core with AJ Kern.    The Mille Lacs, Marshall, Beltrami and Itasca Counties Against Common Core are hosting this Common Core Meet & Greet in Princeton, Minnesota. Also we are so fortunate to have Anoka county Sheriff James Stuart- Do not miss these two great speakers on the most important issues of the day! Be sure to bring your friends! See you on Thursday at Steven’s Restaurant, 202 N Rum River Dr., Princeton

MACC Reaches 1,100 Members!

BRAVO! to all our members as they share their thoughts and concerns with friends and family.  A new twist this week through the national STOP COMMON CORE Profile Campaign, has brought about numerous questions here in Minnesota.  Questions and dialogue are GOOD!  If you haven’t had the chance to inform yourself (and, of course, we suggest you read all of our posts and attend a live presentation), please let us know how we can help out with questions or setting up presentations.

Keep up the good work!!!  We are so encouraged!  Everyone invite 1 new person to Minnesotans Against Common core this week.

Magnificent Monday Action Items for Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2013

Remembering our Veterans today who have fought and many who’ve lost their lives for our country.  If you are a Veteran, we THANK YOU!

It’s Magnificent Monday!  MACC is starting it’s program of daily Action Items.  Thank you for standing with our nation’s schools and children.

1.  Call or E-mail Minnesota Senator Patricia Torres Ray, Chair of the Education Policy Committee, TODAY!  Tell her (or leave a message) of your concerns with Common Core (short calls are great, too) — 1. Poorly written standards 2. Curriculum aligning with Common Core through Pearson Textbooks 3. Data Collection and Data Mining, shared with federal government 4.  Combination of over-testing and data mining through ETS and AIR, 5.  Inappropriate teacher and principal evaluations based upon implementation of Common Core.  If anyone states, these are just standards… Tell them that they are way more than standards when tied to all of the requirements of the Race to the Top grants and No Child Left Behind waivers.

Senator Patricia Torres Ray

Phone:  651-296-4274  E-Mail: sen.patricia.torres.ray@senate.mn

Legislative Assistant: Blanca Martinez Gavina   Phone:  651-296-4274

2.  Write Tuesday, Nov. 12th @ 7:00 p.m. on your calendars for our monthly MACC STATE-WIDE CONFERENCE CALL with CHRIS TIENKEN of Seton Hall.  Professor Tienken will discuss testing related to data mining and the benefits of OPTING-OUT to your child, family, teachers and principals.  Kirsten Halvorson-Block will host Prof. Tienken.  All other callers are anonymous listeners, unless you have questions at the end of the call. Attend and invite friends!

3.  JOIN the national STOP COMMON CORE Profile Picture Campaign, running Tuesday, Nov. 12th – Friday, Nov. 15th.  Change your profile picture to the “Stop Common Core” image on Tuesday (directions on how to change your profile posted inside the event post).  Post 1 article a day so your friends can learn about Common Core.  Sample articles will be posted later today.  If you blog, post these articles to your blog.  If you tweet, post to Twitter under #stopcommoncore.

If you are truly concerned about CCSS, we hope that you would alert your friends and family of this educational reform threat set to engulf all of our children and grandchildren.  Let’s not let PARTISAN POLITICS or POLITICAL CORRECTNESS get in our way.  Our country has had quite enough of the divisiveness.  Common Core is coming at us from the Right and from the Left, so it is not a partisan issue.  Remember to state that CCSS is non-partisan when you post.  Be of courage, friends!!!  Let us know here, if you need any help.  We’ve got each others’ back!!!