Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends at MACC!  We thank you for your continued support as we enter this period prior to the legislative session and then the session itself.  If you haven’t received your personal “action letter”, feel free to read the letter below. Please do not forget to update your information where the letter states, “Sign up for important updates”.  Due to the growth of MACC, we are unable to contact you personally via facebook other than this intial communication.Wishing you blessings this Season!!!Linda, Kirsten, Chris, Ron, Lisa, Ellen, Jennifer, Anne, Kerstin, Viktoriya, AJ, Gary, Anne, Patrice, Michael, AmberJoy and all of our MACC County Administrators and Support Volunteers



Whether you joined yesterday, months ago, or attended one of our presentations, we welcome you to Minnesotans Against Common Core! Please take the time to read this note as there is important information below.

YOU, the members, are the most important part of MACC.

MACC is non-partisan. Our mission is simple, to inform Minnesotans about Common Core State Standards and to work with our legislature to repeal.

We are appreciative of all the moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, parent/teachers, etc. who are joining as each day goes by. In fact, anyone who has a child in their heart whom they want to protect, should be aware of what is happening within our state and nation.

In 2010, Minnesota adopted the ELA Common Core Standard through the Race to the Top competition, even though no federal funds were received. In 2012, Minnesota further adopted College and Career Ready Standards K-12, which are aligned to Common Core Standards in every subject. In 2011, our state received the Prenatal – 5 Year old Common Core Standards from the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grant. Through the acceptance of federal funds, the Standards have been tied to restrictive policies regarding:

  1. Standards implementation
  2. High-stakes testing
  3. Data collection and data mining
  4. Teacher and principal evaluations tied to their implementation of Common Core.

The repeal of Common Core can happen in individual school districts and at the state level. We can repeal statutes and laws which tie our children into Common Core as well as repeal the data collection, constant testing and surveys and teacher/principals evaluations meant to lock-down Common Core. The more parents are aware, the better and the more effective our group will become.

Our children are NOT common!

Our CHILDREN are NOT test subjects nor should they be cloaked in dollar signs only to be used as a commodity for profit. If you would really like to get involved, send your name, e-mail, city and county to Minnesota Against Common Core (on facebook), or our website, with a note stating you would like to help.

We have many jobs all over the state… lots of them that need to get done! We will help connect you to someone in your own county or school district. Hopefully, you can go on to make your own team and create your own action team/plan locally. How can you help? You might answer, “I haven’t researched and don’t understand all of the specifics.” That does not matter. The ACTION ITEMS that are detailed below are simple, easy, and effective.

Let’s Stop Common Core in Minnesota!
These are ACTION ITEMS that you can do right now to help Stop Common Core.


For new members, please take the time to visit:

Bookmark these and pass it on to others. There is a considerable amount of information on the website. Be sure to read the goals and mission of this group; it keeps us in sync, clear and focused. We also have test/survey/lesson opt-out forms and all of the grant information under the Minnesota Specific tab on the MACC website.

**ACTION #2**

One of the MOST important things that you should do first is to WATCH THE FIVE PART VIDEO SERIES BY JANE ROBBINS. You can find it in the “Videos” section on our website

Everyone can gain a good overview with this introductory video, if you are going to join in this war to fight CC. The videos take less than thirty minutes to view. “Stop the Common Core” will give you a well-rounded understanding of what transpired under the radar without our knowledge or consent. Please watch them so you can inform yourself and pass the knowledge on to others — THAT is the key to this mission!! AWARENESS turns into EMPOWERMENT which creates


SIGN UP & Stay Connected!

  1. Sign up for important updates as well as important events – Rally at the Capitol Day, etc. as we move to put either a pause or enact legislation. MACC will not share your information.
  2. Please make sure to sign our petition to support the repeal of Common Core State Standards and the No Child Left Behind reforms. Please remember to record your e-mail, address and phone number for our future reference when people are needed at the Capitol. This information will not be shared and will remain on one computer within our organization.


If you would like to connect and work with others in your respective county and/or school district, please email us at and we will put you in touch with like-minded individuals.

We will begin a “Files” section for the Closed Group. You will see all county files and see who is part of your county – names only. Emails are NOT distributed to other members without **prior approval via email from you**. The purpose of these county lists is to give you the ability to network with others in your area and create an action plan of your own. The more you know as a parent, the better empowered you will be for yourself and for your child.

We stand with you!!!

Linda, Kirsten and the whole MACC Team

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