MACC Member Action Call

        MACC Action Call

February 6th, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is hosting an “Education Summit”, featuring Michelle Rhee, a disastrous nationally-known education reformer.  As stated on the event banner – “Educating Minnesota – Why we keep failing our kids”, this Education Summit states that MN has one of the largest achievement gaps in the US.  Powerful words, but not exactly accurate.

Here is the link to the event site:

This “Summit” is nothing more than a push to promote Common Core to businesses and Legislators, and is the same agenda of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Two prestigious Minnesota businesses have decided that this is a cause they are choosing to support – Target Corp and General Mills.  This is a perfect opportunity to let these businesses know what you think of their idea to support this summit and Common Core.

Please call them to voice your opinion, and let them know it is not OK for them to support this.  Also, let them know if you plan to continue to support their business.

When you call

  • Ask for Consumer Relations
  • Tell them you would like to issue a complaint regarding their companies sponsorship of the MN Chamber of Commerce Education Summit
  • The problem is the support and promotion of Common Core at this event

Target Corp – 612-304-6073  

General Mills Inc – 763-764-7600