TIME to ACT – Minnesota Caucus Night is Here!

It’s TIME to ACT!

The MACC Board strongly suggests sending one adult from each family to your precinct caucus tonight – Tuesday, February 4th at 7:00pm.  The Caucus is the foundation by which we enact change in each political party platform, like opposition to Common Core. The Resolution is a necessity for further action to be taken at the legislative level.   Children are welcome!

Here is the “Whereas” statement that informs the uninformed about Common Core.  Staple this to the back of the resolution sheet and read aloud.   The “whereas” includes language that explains what common core is and how it came to be.

Common Core Caucus Resolution Whereas – Specifics

Here is the DFL Resolution Against Common Core to be read.  Staple the whereas behind this sheet.   The “resolution” explains steps for removal.

2014 DFL Common Core Caucus resolution

Here is the Republican/Libertarian Resolution Against Common Core to be read.  Staple the whereas behind this sheet.   The “resolution” explains steps for removal.

2014-GOP -caucus-resolutions-form

Here is your caucus locator for DFL and Republicans.


If you are part of the Independent Party, there is an online caucus here:


If there is ANY part of this educational program that you do not like, it is IMPERATIVE that you attend. This is a GROUP EFFORT for your children and our children.  We are depending on each other!

Precinct Caucuses serve several purposes:

1. It’s The Start Of Choosing Candidates
Caucus attendees will elect delegates who will endorse individuals to become your Party’s candidates at the BPOU, CD and State level.

On caucus night, you’ll be able to cast a straw ballot to indicate your preferred candidate for Governor and for US Senate.

2.  It’s Where Precinct Leaders Are Elected
Local, grassroots leaders are the backbone of politics in Minnesota. A commitment to advance your principles qualifies you to accept this leadership role.

3.  It’s the Base of Grassroots Efforts
Precinct caucus attendees make great volunteers for candidates and the State Party in the coming months. We cannot move forward without your involvement.

4.  It’s The Start Of The Platform Process
The resolutions that are passed at caucuses are the starting point for changes to your Party’s standing platform, which states the Party’s principles and beliefs.

While the political process starts February 4th, it does not end there. Over the next several months, there will be a variety of opportunities for you to support your candidates and your State Party.

 Caucus Terminology:

BPOU: Basic Political Organizing Unit. The local party unit which may be a county, state house district or state senate district.

Call: The official notice of a party convention or meeting.

Convention: A party meeting of party leaders who have been elected by fellow activists.

Delegate/Alternate: A person elected to represent their group at higher party meetings. Delegates and alternates are usually elected based on the candidates or positions that they support.

Endorsement: When the delegates vote as a party unit to support a candidate, the endorsed candidate may then receive party resources to support his or her election efforts. However, endorsed candidates must still win the party’s nomination at the primary election.

Nomination: Candidates must be nominated before their names will be listed on the November election ballot. Major party candidates are nominated by winning the state primary election in August.

Party Platform: The statement of principles and issue positions that guide candidates, workers and members of a political party.

Precinct: A voting district containing one polling place.

Resolution: A written statement of an idea, issue, concern or action for people to consider at a caucus for possible addition to that party’s platform.

General Tasks at Caucuses and Conventions:

  • Election of local party leaders
  • Election of delegates and alternates to the next level of conventions in the DFL structure
  • Discussion of proposed resolutions to the DFL platform and Action Agenda
  • Endorsement of Candidates
  • Deliberation of party unit constitutional changes

The Four Levels of Caucuses and Conventions:

Precinct Caucuses

The precinct is the first level of the Party structure. A precinct is comprised of the voting precinct which can be a township, an entire town, or a voting precinct within a larger community. The precinct caucuses are a foundational pillar to the Party’s grassroots history because all Minnesota constituents have the ability to participate at this level.

Those in attendance have an opportunity to speak with candidates, participate in a preferential ballot, and compose resolutions that have the potential to be forwarded to their local unit conventions and the state convention for deliberation for acceptance to the official party’s Ongoing Platform and Action Agenda.

Have a scheduling conflict on caucus night? Know your rights: Minnesota Statutes Section 202A.19 permits Minnesota residents to take time off from work without pay to attend precinct caucuses provided they give their employer written notice at least 10 days in advance. State universities, community colleges, and public schools may not hold classes or events after 6:00 p.m. on the evening of precinct caucuses. State agencies, school boards, county boards, township boards, city councils and all other political subdivisions may not conduct meetings after 6:00 p.m. on caucus night.

Organizing Unit Conventions

The Organizing Unit is the second level of the Party structure. Delegates are elected to their Organizing Unit conventions at their local precinct caucuses. Then, these delegates will endorse candidates for the state legislature and choose delegates to move on to the state and congressional district conventions.

Like at the state party level, organizing unit and senate district conventions are generally held on even-numbered years, with a few exceptions. The organizing unit central and executive committees are the governing bodies of the organizing unit between conventions. 

Organizing Unit/Senate District Convention Tasks:
  • To endorse candidates for State Senate and House
  • To conduct local party unit business
  • To present and consider platform resolutions

Congressional District Conventions

The congressional district, an area established by law for the election of representatives to the U.S. Congress, is the third level in the structure. The boundaries of congressional districts are determined by State legislature and are dependent on the population of the state and the number of U.S. representative seats given to Minnesota. In general, each congressional district is to be as equal in population to all other congressional districts in the State.

Between conventions, the congressional district central and executive committees are the governing bodies of a congressional district party unit. On even numbered years, Congressional district conventions are held with delegates who have been elected at the party’s organizing unit conventions.

Congressional District Convention Tasks:
  • To endorse Minnesota candidates for U.S. Congress
  • Elect members to State Commissions and committees for the State Convention

 State Convention

At the State Convention, Party members:

  • Endorse candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and state auditor, and U.S. Senate.
  • Elect Party officers
  • Present and deliberate proposals to the State Party Constitution and Bylaws
  • Consider proposed resolutions to the Party Platform and Action Agenda



Crowne Plaza
11 East Kellogg Blvd, St. Paul, MN

7:30am – 12:30pm
Thursday, February 6, 2013

Jointly sponsored by: Minnesotans Against Common Core (MACC), Opt-Out Minnesota and Save the Kids


Come out and join a national opposition to standardized education and challenge the corporate take over of public education and its “Common Core State Standards.”

Common Core State Standards, promotes:

(1) Standardization of education

(2) Void of inclusive education

(3) Void of the arts and music

(4) Void of critical thinking

(5) Teaching to the test

(6) Teaching only with online/virtual

(7) Void of cultural relevant and diversity teaching

(8) Provides the foundation to the school to prison pipeline

(9) Promotes corporate relations between schools, testing centers, publishers (Pearson), and the state

(10) Promotes pushouts and over representation of students of color in special education

Can you possibly stand by as your child’s freedoms are lost?

Can you possibly be silent as your parental rights are diminished?

A protest to bring awareness and secure our children’s and grandchildren’s futures!



On Thursday, February 6th the Minnesota CHAMBER OF COMMERCE will host an “Education Summit 2014″ to advance and coerce Business Owners and Legislators. The topic: Supporting the newest version of the failed policy, No Child Left Behind —- the Common Core Standards Reform. The Chamber will be discussing their vision to match children, also called “Human Capital”, up to “The Workforce” at an early age. This initiative will remove parental rights to guide their child’s education as well as remove a child’s voice to choose their own profession. Please read the linked article and future articles this week.

Interestingly, EDUCATORS have not been invited to the “Education Summit”!

Headlining the event is MICHELLE RHEE, former member of Teacher for America, nationally-known reformer, CEO of Students First and former head of Washington DC Schools. Ms. Rhee will appear with her merry band of corporate reformers to promote Business Owners and Legislators to become more involved with the Common Core initiative in schools, help vet and unseat present school board members and promote individuals to run for their school boards.

This is a direct take-over of our Minnesota Schools! Other reform characters are: Kati Haycock, president of the Education Trust; Kate Walsh, president of National Council on Teacher Quality; Aimee Guidera of the Data Quality Campaign; Amy Hertel of the Education Tranformation Initiative; George Parker of Students First, RT Rybak, founder Generation Next and Suzanne Tachemy-Kubach of the PIE Network.



General Mills

Minneapolis Foundation

Students First

Target Corporation (Who also generously funds the Preschool for All reform)

The Education Trust

Thomson Reuters

Call-in example: “Your sponsorship of such an event is an affront to parents, grandparents, teachers and children everywhere. I see this as a direct attack on my role as a parent to direct my child’s education as stated in the Minnesota Constitution. We want you to pull your sponsorship from the Chamber of Commerce’s Education Summit!”








Cara K.

Dr. Anthony J. Nocella II



Minnesotans Against Common Core (MACC)

Opt-Out Minnesota

Save the Kids


Calls to Target Corporation ARE Making a Difference

Your calls DO make a difference! Target Corporation is NO LONGER on the sponsorship list for the upcoming Education Summit.  Please do call Target if you have not!  The Target Corporation is still funding the statist education initiative, Preschool for All, which will safetly tuck all preschoolers into a government run preschool, with government run curriculum, whether parents want preschool or not.  Preschool for All is part of the Common Core Standards agenda when tied to the Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge grant.

Keep the calls coming to General Mills, too! Let’s educate others on Common Core…we CAN do this!

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce “Education Summit 2014”  EDUCATING MINNESOTA:  Why We Can’t Keep Failing Our Kidshttp://business.mnchamber.com/events/details/education-summit-save-our-kids-2064

Please call them to voice your opinion, and let them know it is not OK for them to support this.  Also, let them know if you plan to continue to support their business.  Tell Target and General Mills that it is an affront to parents all over Minnesota to support yet another failed standardized education system.  Tell them you are not in support of their educational pipeline to workforce agenda.

When you call

  • Ask for Consumer Relations
  • Tell them you would like to issue a complaint regarding their companies sponsorship of the MN Chamber of Commerce Education Summit
  • The problem is the support and promotion of Common Core at this event

Target Corp – 612-304-6073  

General Mills Inc – 763-764-7600