Calls to Target Corporation ARE Making a Difference

Your calls DO make a difference! Target Corporation is NO LONGER on the sponsorship list for the upcoming Education Summit.  Please do call Target if you have not!  The Target Corporation is still funding the statist education initiative, Preschool for All, which will safetly tuck all preschoolers into a government run preschool, with government run curriculum, whether parents want preschool or not.  Preschool for All is part of the Common Core Standards agenda when tied to the Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge grant.

Keep the calls coming to General Mills, too! Let’s educate others on Common Core…we CAN do this!

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce “Education Summit 2014”  EDUCATING MINNESOTA:  Why We Can’t Keep Failing Our Kids

Please call them to voice your opinion, and let them know it is not OK for them to support this.  Also, let them know if you plan to continue to support their business.  Tell Target and General Mills that it is an affront to parents all over Minnesota to support yet another failed standardized education system.  Tell them you are not in support of their educational pipeline to workforce agenda.

When you call

  • Ask for Consumer Relations
  • Tell them you would like to issue a complaint regarding their companies sponsorship of the MN Chamber of Commerce Education Summit
  • The problem is the support and promotion of Common Core at this event

Target Corp – 612-304-6073  

General Mills Inc – 763-764-7600

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