Who sees the data collected on your child?


This is a great overview of the data collection aspect of the Common Core standardized tests. The important part to take into perspective on this article is Dr. Cynthia Stevenson, a nationally recognized Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools, resigned in February 2014. Dr. Stevenson left earlier than her planned exit at the end of the school year, citing a strained relationship and disagreement on management of the district, with the newly elected school board.

Why is Bill Gates putting so much funding into Common Core?



from the article:

But the relationship between the corporate education reform industry and elements of the public broadcasting community go much deeper than the Laura and John Arnold Foundation’s $3.5 million pay to play maneuver with PBS on pensions.

While the news about PBS and the pension series debacle is shocking, the relationship between public broadcasting and the Gates Foundation funded Common Core mouth piece known as The Teaching Chanel (Tch) is even more troubling.