It’s time to CALL all our Education Committee Chairs and voice our dissatisfaction with Common Core and the Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind Waiver Grants.

The bills that MACC and Rep. Jim Abeler are authoring must be heard and/or picked up by these Chairs.  We have a Parental Bill of Rights, Local Control of Independent School Districts, two bills that block of childrens’ data from leaving the state and a firewall bill to block further adoption into the Common Core system.

There are two Senate Education Committees and two House Education Committees.  We need everyone to get in touch with all four chairs of these committees.  You may call the chair directly or call their legislative assistant.  Either way, we need many, many calls in the next week to help move legislation forward.  Tell them, “I want legislation against the Common Core Standards, the data collection, a Parental Bill of Rights to strengthen a parents voice, renewed Local Control of school districts and stop any further intrusion of Common Core into Minnesota”.

As always, thank you for standing for the children and families of Minnesota!  THEY are our greatest resource!

Senate Education Policy Committee

Senator Patricia Torres Ray (DFL, District 63)  651-296-4274;  651-296-5312

Legislative Assistant:  Blanca Martinez Gavina  651-296-4274


Senate Education E-12 Finance Committee

Senate Charles Wiger (DFL, District 43)  651-296-6820

Legislative Assistant:  Kate Lynne Snyder   651-296-6820


House Education Policy Committee

Representative Charles Mariani (DFL, District 65B)   651-296-9714

Legislative Assistant:  Jamael Lundy  651-296-9676


House Education Finance Committee

Representative Paul Marquart  (DFL, District 4B)    651-296-6829;  800-551-5520

Legislative Assistant, Joe Gould  651-296-5380


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