MACC wants to keep you apprised of the Bill writing process.  We are now in need of DOCUMENTATION!  Documentation is submitted with the Bill and provides sufficient warrant/need for a bill.  The timeline is one week from today. (Sun, March 2nd)

Written testimony or personal stories may be submitted electronically to this website ( or via our facebook state open page, Minnesota Against Common Core, (  Please include your name, address, city, zip and phone number.  Also include if you are willing to testify to the legislature in person.

The bills are listed separately below and cover data collection, opting out, stop implementation, parental bill of rights and local control.  Here’s what we need!

* Personal stories of parents, teachers, school board members or superintendents related to the above bills

* Personal stories of children related to abusive curriculum

* Video record of issues for children, parents, teachers

* Testimony from school board members and superintendents regarding a loss of Local Control at the district level

* Personal stories of children who had legally been opted out, but schools refused and tested the child anyways

* Personal stories about schools who say they cannot amend curriculum

* Personal stories of parents who are unable to contact their duly elected school board officials

* Personal stories of school board officials who have been told they cannot speak with parents

* Personal stories from superintendents and school board members regarding coercion of Common Core implementation from within the district, county, state or regional educational service centers

* Personal stories from superintendents and school board members regarding the sharing of student/family data with federal government agencies, as found in numerous School Board Policy Manuals

* Informative articles

* Research articles from respected authors

* Information from the Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota School Board Association, Minnesota Superintendents Association and other regional education associations (like WMEP,etc.)

* Information regarding data collected/mining by ACT, NWEA, OLPA, FAST, SCAN-TRON, MAP, MCA and any other testing vendor

* Information regarding AIR – American Institutes of Research and data collection and data mining

* Information regarding ETS – Educational Testing Service

* Information from the Tri-State Consortium

* Information from Education Minnesota, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, St. Paul Federation of Teacher

* Information related to Minnesota Statute (law) dealing with data collection, opting out, local control and parental voice.  We already have the Statutes on local control and parents authority to guide their children’s education.

* Information regarding the State Longitudinal Database (SLDS) – amount of data; infrastructure and where data is sent

Again, send all information, testimony and personal stories to our e-mail here at MACC or via private message to our state facebook state page.

Representative Jim Abeler has originated three bills and MACC is having two additional bills written.  Here’s a quick summary of the bills we feel will best protect Minnesota children.

1.  Data Collection Bill.  stop the flow of data out of the state

2.  Data Opt Out Bill.  allow parents to opt their children out of testing and surveys without issue

3.  Stop Common Core Implementation.  stop further implementation of common core – a protective measure

4.  Local Control of School Districts.  restore local control back to individual school districts

5.  Parental Bill of Rights.  strengthen current Minnesota statute regarding parental voice

4 thoughts on “CALL FOR DOCUMENTATION!!!”

  1. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of the new book on this that came out yesterday called “CONFORM”

  2. I just joined MACC and have received alot of info already. It can be
    overwhelming. A few months ago, a Lakeville school put out brief information on a Data Warehouse they were now utilizing called iCue.
    I have put in a call to the District office to find out what kind of information is being store and where it is going. All I know now is that it is for teachers only.

    1. Thank you for your note. We are interested in this Data Warehouse. MACC is running two bills against the data collection. So would appreciate any other information you can ascertain. Let us know if you feel comfortable giving your name. Thank you so much for your help!!!

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