MACC Hits 1800!!! + One Informative Video

MACC hits 1800!!!

Want some insight on how destructive the Common Core standards and curriculum are for our kids?  Want to learn how the Common Core originated (Gates, NGA, CCSSO) and propagated (Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, AFT, NEA and others)?

Watch this informative testimony captured from a Michigan legislative hearing last fall 2013.

Dr. Sandra Stotsky was the Deputy Commissioner of Education for the state of Massachusetts and developed (along with her teachers) what became known as the highest standards for English Language Arts in the U.S.  She sat on that Common Core Validation Committee and could not validate the standards.

Dr. Jim Milgram, professor at Stanford University and member of the Executive Committee of NASA, also sat on the Validation Committee for Common Core and could not in all good conscience validate these standards.  Dr. Milgram has repeatedly stated that children should be removed from daily math classes where the Common Core is taught.  He believes the methodology is destabilizing to the mind.

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