1,900 Minnesotans are Against the Core!

Minnesotans Against Common Core membership is moving swiftly toward 2,000 people who are passionate fighters against the Common Core, Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind waivers.  For at least twenty years, many Americans have stayed away from the political scene due to the divisiveness of the parties.  Now that OUR children are in danger of sub-par standards (removing portions of subjects), mind-controlling curriculum, zero-accountability testing, psychological data mining, free-flow data dissemination, and inflexible match-up to the workforce, we find our Parental Rights and School District Local Control are diminishing fast.  The Common Core is an educational system meant to remove our freedoms and representative government!

2015/2016 appears to be End-Game with this reform nationally.  2014-2015 is the End-Game for Minnesota.  Please continue to share liberally with your friends.  Tell them that this system is being pushed by both the Republicans and the Democrats. Have people over to your house.  Yes, it’s difficult information, but they’ve just got to be informed.  Invite friends to a coffee shop.  Have people over and share our power point presentation.  Order the “Standardization” or “Building the Machine” movie and invite friends to your home.  Get to your school board meetings.  Talk to the school board members. Tell them they can leave the standards right now with very few repercussions.  Show that you are genuinely concerned. CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR!  Find out their position and send the information you learn to us.  If they ask you questions, tell them you’ll get back to them and we’ll help point you to some answers.