MACC Presents Suburban Events as Membership Swells to 2,000

MACC Presents Suburban Events as Membership Swells to 2,000

Minnesotans Against Common Core (MACC) will soon celebrate its one year anniversary!  Everyday more Minnesotans are understanding how we have lost local control and parental rights.  Two thousand are now ready to stand and speak up for the rights of our children to  an excellent education!

Please JOIN US for one or more of the following power point presentation events!  Our presentations not only point out the corporate, federal and state involvement in Common Core but also implementation and curriculum found in your own community and schools.  Common Core touches public, private and homeschool families.

Make a special point to attend our DAY AT THE CAPITOL on Tuesday, April 29th at 10:00am in St. Paul.  Learn about your Parental Rights to guide your child’s education.  Knowing the law and your rights becomes more and more important as legislation is passed to further strengthen the Common Core system in Minnesota.

Would you like to help your community understand more about Common Core?  Contact us on the website or on facebook.

MACC Presentation Schedule II


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