MACC Alert for North Branch Schools

We have a MACC Alert for North Branch Schools for TONIGHT at 5:30pm in the North Branch Education Center Building.   The Superintendent of North Branch Schools will be calling for a vote on Common Core adoption by the district.    This information is well sourced.

WE ARE NEEDING EVERYONE WE CAN FIND FOR A NORTH BRANCH SCHOOL BOARD MEETING TONIGHT!!!   Parents have not been informed about the entire system of Common Core, nor have school board members.   WE ARE ASKING PUBLIC SCHOOL, PRIVATE SCHOOL and HOME SCHOOL PARENT/GRANDPARENTS AS WELL AS TAX-PAYERS to attend.  Home Schoolers and Private School Parents (Non-Public) remember:  You are under the jurisdiction of the local school board.  As soon as the school board gives away its local control to the federal government, home school and private school students will be under attack.

Here’s the original note.

“I just heard that tonight in North Branch at the Ed. Center, 5:30 there is a public hearing on the benefits and goals of CC. Deb Henton, the superintendent says she has the votes on the school board to implement this. the public needs to show up. School board members who I hear are going to vote yes are Linda Heidelberger,  Aaron Gibbons (his wife is the superintendent of SCRED) and Tim McMillan.”