MACC Hits 2400!!!

MACC Hits 2400!!!    YOU’VE done it!!!

THANKS to all members for raising awareness in Minnesota of the entire reform system that is the Common Core / College and Career Ready Standards. Just as important, parents, teachers and school board members need to know that they do have a voice.    Let’s use those voices!!!  We so appreciate those who have set up venues for our speakers and we will continue to travel around the state informing our fellow citizens.   Thank you!

We encourage everyone to attend your local school district school board meetings, starting this summer. Take notes and discuss the numerous changes coming into our schools with your neighbors and other parents.   Set up a coffee appointment with one of the school board members.  You’d be surprised how little they know.  Bring some friends to an event in your area. Share our posts on your own personal timeline or on Twitter or Google.   Talk to the parents in the PTA.  (The National PTA was paid off by the Gates Foundation.)  Tell them about our website, state page, state group and county groups.

Let’s keep raising awareness, Minnesota!

Important Upcoming MACC Events


It may be summer, but with Common Core full implementation complete this school year,  Minnesotans Against Common Core (MACC) is not slowing down at all!!!  We have a number of important events coming up!

We ask everyone to attend the closest event to their area and school district. Community leaders such as city council, county commissioners, police and firefighters, mayors, business leaders are individuals we want to inform. Many have been invited and are accepting invitations. State legislators and candidates are also encouraged to attend. Please note that all superintendents and school board members are always invited to our presentations. As non-partisans, we are attempting to engage the full spectrum of political parties.

As we begin to work more at the local level,  be sure to attend if you are new to this issue .  Even more importantly, if you could attend to be helpful to the many parents and citizens who are looking to speak with someone after the presentation.  As speakers, we are generally swamped.  Look forward to seeing you!!!

Monday, July 14th: Golden Valley Library at 6:00pm (full presentation and Q&A); 830 Winnetka Ave N, Golden Valley, MN 55427

Wednesday, July 16th: New Hope Cinema Grill at 7:00pm (full presentation and Q&A); 2749 Winnetka Ave N, New Hope, MN 55427

Monday, July 21st: Aitken Westside Church at 7:00pm (full presentation and Q&A); 810 2nd St NW (Hwy 210 West), Aitken, MN

Wednesday, July 23rd: Nisswa Community Center at 7:00pm (full presentation and Q&A); 5442 City Hall, Nisswa, MN

Thursday, July 24th: Coon Rapids Evangelical Free Church at 7:00pm (full presentation and Q&A); 2650 128th Ave NW, Coon Rapids, MN