TIME TO ACT! Minnesota Primary Elections on Tuesday



Tuesday, August 12th are Primary Elections across Minnesota.  This year Common Core Standards via the Minnesota World’s Best Workforce becomes fully implemented.  NO ELECTION CAN BE MORE IMPORTANT than this primary and the following November election.

We have three new respondents: one for the gubernatorial seat and two for US senate.  The three updates are highlighted in yellow.

Again, thank you to all candidates for responding to your constituents!

MACC Survey Bulletin 2

With 2600, MACC Ready to Exercise Some Muscle

Your Kids

What is more precious in life than our very own, dearly beloved children?  August 12th, the Minnesota primary elections rise up before us.  Moms, dads, grandparents and citizens have become single-issue voters on the Common Core issue.  It’s time to stand behind those candidates who will help repeal the Common Core Standards / College and Career Ready Standards / World’s Best Workforce in Minnesota.

Here’s our survey of all in-state representatives, US senate and house and governor.

MACC Constituent Bulletin

Be sure to vote anti-Common Core candidates, Tuesday, August 12th!!

MACC Constituent Survey Bulletin

MACC is pleased to present its first Constituent Survey Bulletin.

Common Core has become a serious hot-button topic among parents, grandparents and citizens.   As citizens, we organized this survey in an attempt to understand a candidates’ position and knowledge of Common Core in Minnesota.   Some candidates have not been forthcoming on their position.  This bulletin covers all primary candidates for next week’s primary election on August 12th.  33% of candidates responded. Candidates were e-mailed twice and called at least twice.

We encourage everyone to read the links and survey questions first.  Then scroll down to the candidate responses.  MACC has responded first at the beginning.  You may compare our responses to the candidates.

Thank you, primary candidates, for your responses to THE most important matter to our families, schools and communities!

MACC Constituent Bulletin