MACC 2014 Election Survey

MACC 2014 Election Survey

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November 4th is just around the corner!  Every citizen has a privilege and duty to vote.   Share our MACC 2014 Election Survey (below) with everyone you can and let’s help protect our children!!!

In late August, MACC sent out surveys to every legislative, congressional, gubernatorial and other state candidates.  The surveys were followed by reminders and phone calls.    These are the candidates who were willing to respond and stand up against Common Core.

Start by reading the survey.  The survey questions were introduced by links to government documents and statutes.    Individuals either responded with Y = Yes;  N = No; NR = No Response.  If a candidate shows all NR’s, they never responded, even by phone.

If your legislator is not on the list, be sure to call  IMMEDIATELY and find out their position on Common Core.    Let MACC know so we can get the word out!  Make sure that you know which school board candidates are against Common Core, also.

Most importantly, get to the polls on Tuesday, November 4th!   Kids cannot vote.    The children of Minnesota are depending upon YOU!

MACC-2014_Election_Survey_Results – Final