Public Comments Deadline – Monday, February 2nd – ESEA Reauthorization

Public Comments Deadline – ESEA Reauthorization Nears

Sunset ESEA Reauthorization.

The ESEA Reauthorization of Senate  Bill 1094 is being fast tracked through the US senate education committee.   This bill is the old Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 otherwise known as the standards movement and also known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

Senate bill 1094 will cleverly make Common Core national law and usurp state’s rights.  The Committee has had a short public comment period that extends to  Monday, February 2nd.

Please call or email Senator Lamar Alexander (Tennessee) and US representative John Kline (Minnesota).  Also be sure to use Twitter. Tell them to sunset the ESEA!  Tell them you don’t want to nationalize Common Core and do NOT reauthorize!  Then call your state senator and state representative and state the very same thing.  Please do this for all the children!

Senator Lamar Alexander   202-224-4944

Representative John Kline  202-225-2271


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