Dr. Pesta Common Core Presentation Nears; Friday in Twin Cities; Saturday in Duluth

Nationally-Known Speaker, Dr. Pesta Comes to Duluth and the Twin Cities
Minnesotans Against Common Core (MACC) and Northlanders Against Common Core (Duluth and Iron Range) is excited to sponsor Dr. Duke Pesta, English professor from UW-Oshkosh, presenting in both the Twin Cities and Duluth.
Here’s the information!
Friday, February 6th at 7:00pm, Grace Church in Eden Prairie
9301 Eden Prairie Rd.  Eden Prairie, MN   55347
Saturday, February 7th at 2:00pm, Duluth Gospel Tabernacle
1515 W Superior St.   Duluth, MN   55806
Common Core/Minnesota World’s Best Workforce Education Summit will feature Dr. Pesta in his, “The Case Against Common Core National Standards”.  Dr. Pesta is nationally-known having spoken in nearly every state and before legislative hearings on the Common Core.  There will be a question and answer session following the meeting.
Just following the Twin Cities’ event, MACC will hold short advocacy training sessions in a breakout style, explaining the connection of Common Core to our mandated statute on the workforce.  We’ll have lots of handouts to help in local and state activism; email and letter templates, and the like.  We’ll also quickly give a run down on good and bad legislation and MACC-inspired legislation.
Please send to all your friends around the state!!!   We are grateful to have Dr. Pesta here and want to have a great crowd at the event.


Minnesota Parental Curriculum Review Statute


Minnesota Parental Curriculum Review Statute

 This is a series of flyers that parents and citizens can share.


Our Parental Curriculum Review law is a wonderful resource for parents. Statute 120B.20 states that all parents have the right to see their children’s curriculum, prior to study.  This includes all forms of curriculum – textbook and online.

Parents should set up an appointment with their principal and then teacher to procure curricula.  If the parent(s) has concerns, they may opt their child out of the lessons and ask for alternative curriculum that can be taught either by the school or parent. This is true for any subject. There shall not be any penalty or consequence from opting out.  If your school will not allow a parent to view the curriculum, that district is out of compliance with the law.

This is your right!  Know the law and use it!!!

Statute 120B.20

Each school district shall have a procedure for a parent, guardian, or an adult student, 18 years of age or older, to review the content of the instructional materials to be provided to a minor child or to an adult student and, if the parent, guardian, or adult student objects to the content, to make reasonable arrangements with school personnel for alternative instruction. Alternative instruction may be provided by the parent, guardian, or adult student if the alternative instruction, if any, offered by the school board does not meet the concerns of the parent, guardian, or adult student. The school board is not required to pay for the costs of alternative instruction provided by a parent, guardian, or adult student. School personnel may not impose an academic or other penalty upon a student merely for arranging alternative instruction under this section. School personnel may evaluate and assess the quality of the student’s work.