MACC Telephone Call Guide for the ESEA Reauthorization


MACC Telephone Call Template for the ESEA Reauthorization

Please use the following as a guide and keep your calls short and to the point. You will most likely talk to an aid.   Offer to provide detailed documentation for the legislator if they are interested and someone to meet with them at their convenience.   If you need further information to give to your Congressman, please let us know.

“Hello, this is _____________, and I’m very concerned about the recent passage of the ESEA reauthorization out of the House Education and Workforce Committee.   I am a voter in the Minnesota Congressional District # _____ and I object to the Common Core State Standards being dictated by the Federal Government.  No where within House Resolution 5, the Student Success Act,  is any mention made of an exit of the Common Core Standards reform package.”

“What is ______________’s  position on this?” (If against Common Core, (not likely), encourage and support. Most likely, they will be unaware or in favor out of ignorance. If so, then…)

“I will explain VERY briefly why I am against implementing Common Core Standards.

  • It is big government, top down, control of schooling, (training not educating), that sacrifices individualism for the sake of the collective
  • Local school boards have zero control of content, even though it is billed as “voluntary”
  • It is a usurpation of rights reserved for the states
  • Costs are estimated to be $16 billion with 90% paid by the states and we have NO say in what’s being taught
  • The data tracking requirement from prenatal through Career is an intrusive violation of the privacy rights of our children and their parents
  • It is a deliberate dumbing down of our children as shown by performance scores that have steadily deteriorated since the inception of the Department of Education
  • Standards are so low that 2 PhD’s serving on the validation committee refused to sign off

I am asking you to vote down the ESEA Reauthorization when it comes for a full House vote.  The bill is meant to take away all parental rights and local control.  Thank you.

Always cordial and pleasant, “smile while you dial”. Always thank them for listening and assure them that you or someone else will follow up.

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