Your Kids


MACC is working on a Parental Curriculum Review bill that would truly protect a parents’ right to see their children’s curriculum.  What do we need in order to give legislators ammunition? If you have had difficulty viewing any curriculum, textbook – power points given at the school – worksheets – or online curriculum, please write down what concerns you may have.    We do receive numerous concerns every week about the fact that parents cannot see the ONLINE curriculum. This is unaccountable to parents and taxpayers who fund the schools.   Even some teachers cannot see the online curriculum coming via the ipads and chromebooks If you are parent, grandparent or teacher (or admin for that matter) and have had direct experience with either not being able to view your children’s curriculum or a school refusal, please send us an email right now.

 MACC needs hundreds of letters from parents and teachers!  You can email us at  Thank you!!!

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