Minnesota Parental Curriculum Review Statute


Minnesota Parental Curriculum Review Statute

 This is a series of flyers that parents and citizens can share.


Our Parental Curriculum Review law is a wonderful resource for parents. Statute 120B.20 states that all parents have the right to see their children’s curriculum, prior to study.  This includes all forms of curriculum – textbook and online.

Parents should set up an appointment with their principal and then teacher to procure curricula.  If the parent(s) has concerns, they may opt their child out of the lessons and ask for alternative curriculum that can be taught either by the school or parent. This is true for any subject. There shall not be any penalty or consequence from opting out.  If your school will not allow a parent to view the curriculum, that district is out of compliance with the law.

This is your right!  Know the law and use it!!!

Statute 120B.20

Each school district shall have a procedure for a parent, guardian, or an adult student, 18 years of age or older, to review the content of the instructional materials to be provided to a minor child or to an adult student and, if the parent, guardian, or adult student objects to the content, to make reasonable arrangements with school personnel for alternative instruction. Alternative instruction may be provided by the parent, guardian, or adult student if the alternative instruction, if any, offered by the school board does not meet the concerns of the parent, guardian, or adult student. The school board is not required to pay for the costs of alternative instruction provided by a parent, guardian, or adult student. School personnel may not impose an academic or other penalty upon a student merely for arranging alternative instruction under this section. School personnel may evaluate and assess the quality of the student’s work.

Minnesota Statutes – Local Control over Standards and Curriculum


Minnesota Statutes – Local Control over Standards and Curriculum


Minnesota school district may opt out of the Common Core Standards as well as Common Core Standards curriculum.   Oh, happy day!!!

Minnesota Statute 120B.021, subd. 2 governs academic standards development, including standards adoption by the state. Subdivision 2, (2) specifically prohibits academic standards from requiring “a specific teaching methodology or curriculum.” This means that while the state is responsible for the development and adoption of standards in key subject areas such as language arts, math, science, etc., that school districts maintain control and authority over curriculum.

 Your school district may opt out of using Common Core Standards curriculum.

Additionally, 120B.021, subd. 1a provides the waiver or exemption that empowers school districts to override a state adopted set of standards. It is the rigorous course study waiver and basically a school district can waive state mandated standards if the locally developed standards “that is equally or more rigorous than the corresponding state” standards. This waiver was intended on a student by student basis, but that does not mean the district could not apply it more broadly.

Students or school districts may individually opt out of the Common Core Standards.

 Our school districts have more local control and authority than they either know or appreciate. There are provisions in state law intended to help protect local control.

Time to call your district and demand that they stop using Common Core Standards and Common Core curriculum!  Take 25 – 50 – 75 parents with you and demand… do not ask.

Minnesota MCA Test Refusal Get Tough Guide



When the Department of Education tries to bully you, know your rights.

Bully Tactic #1: There is no opt-out provision. Response: I am not asking permission to opt out. I am refusing the test.

Bully Tactic #2: The law says that a certain percentage of students must take the test.  Response: The law states that the school shall administer the test. The law does not require that students take the test. 

Bully Tactic #3: If your child does not take the test, they will not receive a letter grade or they could be held back.  Response: Please show me where this is stated in Minnesota Law. According to Minnesota Statute  ###, it states that…..

Bully Tactic #4: The state of Minnesota does not recognize that form because it is from Michigan. That form carries no legal weight here.  Response: The law does not say that I must use a specific form to refuse the MCA test. Further, I am not required to give you a form of any kind. This form is merely for our mutual convenience and documentation. I can provide you with a hand-written note if you prefer. 

Bully Tactic #5: Your school will be punished.  Response: How so? Can you please show me the written documentation that outlines how my school is punished because I refused a test? I have yet to find any evidence of schools being punished for lack of testing.  

Bully Tactic #6: Your child may be placed on an AIP (Academic Improvement Plan). Response: I understand that. If my child’s grades are suffering, then I expect the district to do everything in their power to educate my child instead of test them. The goal here is to demonstrate proficiency, and as a parent I have the legal right to request the use of a portfolio or alternative assessment to demonstrate my child’s ability. 

Bully Tactic #7: Your child will have to stay home on testing days. Response: Keeping my child home will result in truancy violations so I will be sending my child to school. I am a taxpayer and you do not have the authority to bar my child from accessing the public good to which I contribute in the form of tax payment. It is my child’s right as a public school student to receive instruction daily. Please let me know within 7 business days how my child will receive instructional time on testing days instead.

If you need help refusing the test, please contact: 

Minnesotans Against Common Core (MACC)

Our website address is:  info@MNagainstCC.com and

facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547828368581098

 See below for Supreme Court Rulings that may prove helpful as well.

The Parent Holds The Right To Direct The Child’s Education, Not The State

In Pierce v. The Society of Sisters (1925), the Court said that “the child is not the mere creature of the State: those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right coupled with the high duty to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations.”

In Meyer v. Nebraska (1923), the Supreme Court criticized the state for interfering “with the power of the parents to control the education of their own.”

In Prince v. Massachusetts (1944), the Supreme Court concluded, “It is cardinal with us that the custody, care and nurture of the child reside first in the parents, whose primary function and freedom include preparation for the obligations the State can neither supply nor hinder.”

The Washington v. Glucksburg case (1997) establishes that, “In a long line of cases, we have held that, in addition to the specific freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights, the ‘liberty’ specially protected by the Due Process Clause includes the rights. . .to direct the education and upbringing of one’s children.”

Public Comments Deadline – Monday, February 2nd – ESEA Reauthorization

Public Comments Deadline – ESEA Reauthorization Nears

Sunset ESEA Reauthorization.

The ESEA Reauthorization of Senate  Bill 1094 is being fast tracked through the US senate education committee.   This bill is the old Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 otherwise known as the standards movement and also known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

Senate bill 1094 will cleverly make Common Core national law and usurp state’s rights.  The Committee has had a short public comment period that extends to  Monday, February 2nd.

Please call or email Senator Lamar Alexander (Tennessee) and US representative John Kline (Minnesota).  Also be sure to use Twitter. Tell them to sunset the ESEA!  Tell them you don’t want to nationalize Common Core and do NOT reauthorize!  Then call your state senator and state representative and state the very same thing.  Please do this for all the children!

Senator Lamar Alexander   202-224-4944

Representative John Kline  202-225-2271