Bill Refused – Possible Amendment – Testimony Needed Next Tuesday

Children working on ipads

Sadly, we’ve learned that Rep Lucero’s,  Parental Curriculum Review amendment was refused to be heard by Rep Sondra Erickson in the House Education Committee today.   We, the parents of Minnesota,  know how important that amendment would have been to help clarify curricular materials in the 21st century.   Because we want to continue to work with Rep Erickson, we respectfully submit that members refrain from personal attacks and the like.  We have two other bills that must go through Erickson’s education committee.

Rep Lucero stated that there may be chance to bring HF 1777 forth as an amendment on the floor.   We are hopeful!  We encourage you to continue making calls to Rep Erickson’s office making the case that we, the people of Minnesota are asking for her help and asking her to help support parental rights.  Please ask to speak to Rep Erickson directly.

We have a CALL FOR TESTIMONY on Tuesday night, March 17th at 6:00pm.    We must know by Monday at noon.  This will be for the Data Bill, HF 1779.  It has, like the Parental Curriculum Bill, outstanding bipartisan support.  Please let Linda Bell know if you can speak.  We need to have other speakers besides those who already spoke this week.  We may need additional testifiers for another bill next week yet to be announced.  Thanks!

We continue to care about our children, that will never stop!  We will not give up!!!  Thank you so much for your support and the phone calls you made today!  MACC cannot work at the Capitol, present speeches around the state and work with individuals and districts and school boards without YOU!  We love you all! Despite this set back, let’s continue to work together to make a positive difference for our children and the next generation!

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