Minnesota Data Practices Commission Makes Its Debut!

I see you

A Legislative Commission on Data Practices made its debut on July 2014 with an eye to oversee what has become an open data environment in our state.  Yes, 2014, you read that right… but it is important nonetheless!  At their initial meeting, Chair Mary Liz Holberg, (former Rep-Lakeville) and 8 legislators (4 senators and 4 representatives) pondered their mission in establishing policy on data collection, data access and citizen privacy while playing “catch up” with state law in regards to state government tracking of citizens.  The commission had several meetings interviewing and receiving presentations from various state agencies.

Read more: http://politicsinminnesota.com/2014/07/data-practices-commission-debuts-with-unresolved-issues-on-its-mind/#ixzz3k4rZOc00

Interestingly, the Commission received a presentation from the Minnesota Department of Education, Office of Higher recently, unveiling what and how data is collected on our children, as well as, all adults.  The Office of Higher Learning is the administrative lead for the Minnesota SLEDS (State Longitudinal Education Data System).

Keep posted for our next installment on the Minnesota SLEDS!