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We have a huge issue before the Robbinsdale School Community and the board is DECIDING TOMORROW NIGHT!! Robbinsdale Schools is ready to move ahead with assessing district residents $30M on top of our already $1.2M operating budget. The issue: Overcrowding due to accepting more than 1% of students from out of district. The proposed RAS Board fix: Build a wing to add to Plymouth Middle School due to the overcrowding situation. By state law, Robbinsdale and other school districts are not supposed to accept more than 1% of students from out of district. Robbinsdale has 12% enrollments from other districts thus causing their own overcrowding situation.  

We need to discuss other options! The meeting is tomorrow night, Monday, September 28th, 6:00pm at the RAS district office board room in New Hope. This is a Listening Session where the public may bring concerns. If you cannot attend, be sure to email, informing the Board of your displeasure with the proposal, that you want to discuss all options and that NO vote should be taken to move towards a $30M expenditure.

From Ron Stoffel who has been dutifully attending meetings on our behalf:
Please plan on attending the Listening Session on Monday, September 28, 2015, 6:00 pm at District office, Boardroom
We need the Community to stop this process before a BAD discussion is made!! If you can not attend, please email the School Board and Superintendent, Dr Jenkins with your questions and concerns!!
On the agenda for regular School Board meeting (Monday, 9-28-2015, 7:00 pm) a decision is to be voted!!
Come to that meeting to show support of NO DECISION until ALL Options have been discussed with the Community!!

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