Prior Lake Has Common Core!!!

Prior Lake spelling book common core

Prior Lake Has Common Core!!!

Prior Lake Common Core English Language Arts Spelling Text

Some parents in Prior Lake, Minnesota have been asking if their schools teach using Common Core Standards and Common Core curriculum.  These parents are interested in their children’s best welfare.  Our sources state that the parents were told repeatedly that the schools do not teach the standards or curriculum.

Children in the Prior Lake schools are now bringing home one of their English Language Arts books,  Daily Comprehension Common Core Journal,  published by Lakeshore Learning and designed expressly for the Common Core.

Should there be any confusion,  Minnesota was “saddled” with the Common Core English Language Arts standards when then Governor Tim Pawlenty and Education Commissioner Alice Seagren signed on  the dotted line for the Race to the Top, K-12 federal grant in 2010, selling out the next generation of Minnesotans.

Did Minnesota receive a grand amount of money for signing the federal grant?  No!  Minnesota received not one dime.   However, we did receive something.  The US Department of Education “gifted” Minnesota the Common Core English Language Arts Standards for FREE just by signing.

In fact, Minnesota schools have been teaching Common Core curriculum since 2011 when St. Paul piloted the Common Core Standards English Language Arts in their schools.  The rest of the state followed shortly thereafter.  This early pilot program was funded by none other than Bill and Melinda Gates themselves.

If you’re concerned about the curriculum that you’re children are bringing home or that you cannot view the online curriculum,  consider emailing each of your school board members right away.   As we posted this morning, Minnesota law includes a Parental Curriculum Review affording parents opportunity to view the curriculum before it’s taught.

MACC through it’s affiliate school district groups are now beginning an advocacy initiative to communicate and build relationships with school board members and legislators.   We hope to see you!