KNOW THE LAW! Required Academic Standards

We are reblogging this post on the Minnesota Academic Standards statute. It is important to note that standards may not not “require a specific teaching methodology or curriculum”. With Minnesota schools using only Common Core curriculum, they ARE using a specific curriculum. Tell them, “No!”

Minnesota Advocates and Champions for Children

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Minnesota Statute 120B.021  REQUIRED ACADEMIC STANDARDS   

Part 2: How do “objective”, “measurable” and “grade-appropriate standards” written at a federal level and without a “specific teaching methodology or curriculum” consistently work within the sovereign legalities of our Minnesota and US Constitutions?

by Linda Bell

 We’re back with another in the series of knowing education law in the state of Minnesota.

Subdivision 2 governs academic standardsdevelopment, including standards adoption by the state.   Here’s how the law reads. 

(b) “Academic standards must:

(1) be clear, concise, objective,measurable, and grade-level appropriate;

(2) not require a specific teaching methodology or curriculum; and

(3) be consistent with the Constitutions of the United States and the state of Minnesota.”

The standards appear to be clear and concise but that’s where it ends.  “Clear and concise” standards are not enough to lay a foundation for…

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