MACC has a new name!!!

MACC has a new name!   Welcome to a new school year!!!

Minnesota Advocates and Champions for Children is a grassroots multi-partisan group of parents, teachers and citizens, knowledgeable and active in our local government and school districts.

MACC began as a group of concerned parents and teachers regarding the implementation of the Common Core Standards reform in Minnesota.  At our founding,  MACC was primarily concerned with the federal top-down and corporatized educational standards. After further research, we came to realize that the standards and accompanying reforms were secretly founded, corruptly funded and stealthily implemented.  The standards’ mandate and copyright are unconstitutional.

MACC now understands that the Common Core Standards’ and College and Career Ready Standards’ reforms include much more than standards, ie. testing, curriculum, surveys, data collection and School to Work preparations.  MACC also understands that many of our school districts rely on corporate, non-profit and federal guidance rather than parent and citizen input. These additional entities were never elected by citizens.  Parents and citizens are loosing their voice and seat at the school board table.

These reforms exploit youth through insurmountable and undisclosed data collection and discriminate against students through behavioral and psychological profiling.  Information is disseminated to third parties that were once trusted, now graft public/private partnerships, creating a limited one-size-fits-all Human Capital.

MACC believes that true local control, not top-down federal or state mandates, lie best in the hands of parents, who know their children best, and citizens.  MACC’s mission is to inform Minnesota’s citizens about the continued regulations forced via  corporate and federal reforms, how these reforms are reflected in our state district by district and and encouraging families and children to be aware and take action.  In the end, our goal is to work collaboratively by reclaiming our parental rights and true local control.

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.”

~~~Abraham Lincoln