MN DHS Announces Hack from 2015: Timeliness Questioned

According to Department of Human Services, Chief Business Technology  Officer Scott Peterson announced yesterday that the Minnesota DHS was hacked in 2015.   Did they report this little item at the time of the breach??  No!  They are reporting a year or two later.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what part of the DHS data was “hacked”?  As we’ve reported last year, the MN Department of Health and Human Services partners with the Department of Education and Labor to run the mega-data warehouse, the Minnesota SLEDS (State Longitudinal Educational Data System).  Children’s and families’ data is held in this database and of course this information is shared with numerous entities.  Was this a portion of what was hacked?

In testimony last year, the Minnesota Department of Education stated that there have been no audits on the 40+ contracts whom they share/sell data.  In fact, there have been no audits in over 10 years.  If the MDE is so cavalier with our children’s data, could the MN Health and Human Services Department have similarly lax policies?

Something to think about!






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