ALERT! Dangerous New MACC-Imitator Looking for a Handout

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If you have received a letter like the one posted above, do not be fooled.  This is from a “think tank” in Washington D.C. and is not an actual Minnesota organization.  They are using our old name to try and illicit money from you.

And while their message of Common Core being dangerous is actually what we have been touting for many years, our mission has evolved as the challenges our children face comes from a variety of sources at the Federal and State level dealing not with just standards, but also curriculum, testing, data mining, workforce development, privacy and parental rights.

“Minnesotans Against Common Core” is funded by a “conservative” think tank called the Center for Individual Freedom.  Their PO Box is in Washington DC.  Unfortunately, their message is a little antiquated, and we could have really used their help with defending against ESSA, especially since elected officials of their own persuasion were so instrumental in jamming it through.

This is even more confusing since one of our very own Republican State Senators announced just last week in a committee hearing, “We don’t have Common Core in Minnesota”, and “We, in the Education Committee, aren’t concerned with Common Core”.  Somebody had better figure out their story.

So please, don’t confuse MACC – Minnesota Advocates and Champions for Children, an actual Minnesota-based grassroots organization fighting for our children, parental rights and local control, with this questionable organization from Washington D.C.

But if you would like to donate some money, we would gladly receive it.  We haven’t really asked for much over our four years of meeting and working with legislators at the Capitol as concerned parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. as well as working with Minnesotans in group presentations and individual consults. And unfortunately, if the statements from the Senator are any indication, we have a lot of work yet to do.





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