MACC ALERT! MN Public Online Schools Push Home School Bill/ MACC & HSLDA Oppose

MACC ALERT!!!  Parents, we need your help in the morning – Monday, 3.26.2018.  A Minnesota bill is being pushed on home schoolers via Crosslake Community School and the online public schools across the state.  Home schoolers, by definition,  have chosen to educate by different as well as similar methods and curricula than the public schools.  MACC supports public, private and home schooling. (Call information below!)

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is opposing this House File (HF) 3886 (Rep. Dale Lueck) and Senate File (SF) 3335 (Sen. Carrie Ruud).  Link to HSLDA opposition.

The Senate-side bill will be heard in the Senate E-12 Finance Committee at 3:00pm in the Minnesota Senate Building, Room 1100.   During the hearing in the first Senate Committee, Sen. Ruud introduced the Director of Online Programs for Crosslake Community School and stated she was representing, “statewide online learning programs and home school families, ” and yet, no home school families were present.  There was no mention of how many homeschool families from Aitkin County were involved.

  1.  This bill opens the door to further blurring of the lines between home schools and public schools.
  2.  The bill expands the definition of home schooling to include online public school and its funding into state law going beyond shared time.
  3.  The majority of home schoolers want little to no involvement with required federal and state agendas.
  4.  Home schoolers were not asked their opinions of the bills.
  5.   The bill needs more clarity to understand the true intentions.
  6.   The bill should be amended to read, “EXCLUDE HOME SCHOOL.”

Please call Monday, 3.262018 prior to 3:00pm (Monday morning is the best)!  State to the legislator, “Vote NO on SF 3335.  Home schoolers do not want state or federal funding for public school.  Please amend the bill to EXCLUDE HOME SCHOOL.”  Please remember that the authors are carrying the bill for online schools and may not have considered the opinions of home schoolers.  

Carrie Ruud  651-296-4913                       Dale Lueck   651-296-2365  Carla Nelson, Chair  651-296-4848       Gary Dahms, Vice-Chair        Charles Wiger, DFL Lead  651-296-6820                                                              Paul Anderson  651-296-9261     Roger Chamberlain 651-296-1253  Justin Eichorn 651-296-7079       Patricia Torres Ray 651-296-4274   David Tomassoni 651-296-8017  Eric Pratt 651-296-4123       Melissa Wicklund 651-297-8061                                                                       

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