Minnesota Parental Curriculum Review Statute

Worth posting each new school year!!! We’ve heard from several parents working to opt their young children out of sex ed classes. Please help out your teachers! They may not know the law. Parents have the right to opt their kids out of any curricular subject but must be done via the proper process.

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Minnesota Parental Curriculum Review Statute


A wonderful parental rights statute, the Minnesota Parental Curriculum Review is an effective and protective resource for parents and children.  Statute 120B.20 states that all parents and adult students (18 years+) have the right to see their children’s curriculum, prior to study.  Viewing curriculum extends to all forms of curricula – text and online.

If a conflict, concern or conscientious objection is noted, parents should speak to their children’s teacher in a timely manner and set up a meeting to arrange an opt out situation.  Always ask to view an alternative curriculum.  Otherwise, if none is available, the parent may choose their own curriculum and at parent’s cost.  Parents may teach the curriculum afternoons, evenings or weekends. This is true for ANY subject. There shall not be any penalty or consequence from opting out.  If your school will not…

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