Minnesota’s Cradle to Grave: When Government Wants Children at Its Center

Worker BeeMinnesota’s Cradle to Grave: When Government Wants Children at Its Center

Governor Walz’s Executive Order 19-34, August 2019

‘Placing Children at the Center of Government’

Have you noticed the high number of legislators who are resigning early and party replacements quickly stepping up? Are you noticing the Minneapolis 2040 plan which will remove single-family homes and, later, cars; the Minneapolis Schools’ Redesign Plan along with the Cruz-Guzman lawsuit, a desegregation lawsuit, brought by Minneapolis parents and which has implications for the 7-county Metro region?  Heads up! On the heels of these titanic changes, our governor’s executive order signals the restructure of state government. 

There’s a little-known secret in Minnesota. Walz has a grand plan to revolutionize state agencies along with the Met Council through the relaunching of the Children’s Cabinet. This will have a “trickle down” effect for local cities, counties and school districts and it’s not just for the kids! The Cabinet will be the vehicle to oversee plans to implement equitable foundations into every agency.

Who would have thought that transformational restructuring of government would be developed within a committee on young children?

Governor Tim Walz’s plan tasks state agencies to ensure equity through a “collective effort” and “mission for all” that includes the Met Council, while leveraging a substantial network of public-private stakeholders.  There is a seemingly steady stream of funding, if not from you and I, then business interests, non-profits, grants and other funding schemes. (Did we vote for this?)

What’s the mission?

To place all children at the center of government using a whole-family and societal approach by ensuring equitable policies, programs and services.

How will the mission be attained?

  • Relaunch the Children’s Cabinet
  • Set up a Children’s Cabinet Advisory Council
  • Governor appointed council, thus unelected and unaccountable
  • Governor and Lieutenant Governor will chair the Cabinet themselves

 The Cabinet will “take action and authority” in prescribing and implementing a governmental system, which is the societal Cradle to Grave system.

The executive order describes four main policy areas along with three key philosophies to guide restructure and implementation. The four policies are:  

  • Healthy Beginnings (beginning with prenatal)
  • Child care and education (beginning with early education – birth to 3 category)
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Housing stability for children, youth and families”

We witnessed much of this in last year’s bill – Great Start for All Minnesota Children. The order also points to key philosophies in regard to transforming government.  

 Key philosophies:

  • Improve outcomes
  • Promote equity
  • Bridge the opportunity gap
  • Prepare the next generation of Minnesotans to work

“An executive order, also known as a proclamation, is a directive handed down directly from a president or governor (the executive branch of government) without input from the legislative or judicial branches. Executive orders can only be given to federal or state agencies, not to citizens, although citizens are indirectly affected by them.”  

Indeed, the Executive Order goes far beyond the Great Start legislation by restructuring all state agencies. On the other hand, the Great Start would pass a compilation of single subject areas, like prenatal-to-3 years home visiting and free daycare in schools from birth . Also, expect to see the Great Start reappear as our legislature begins shortly, February 11.

Minnesota, get ready! We have a huge sea change coming. Our next installment will discuss the consequences of equity and equitable outcomes which for some will bring concern while others will herald. In any case, the revolution is here!








DESE Goes Full Throttle in Missouri

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DESE Goes Full Throttle in Missouri with State Centralization

Proposed Rule 5 CSR 20 – 100.295 Missouri School Improvement Program

Live in Missouri or know someone who does? Send this article a.s.a.p. and tell them to respond today!

Via Missouri Dept of Education rule-making “authority”, DESE proposes to centralize school district management at the state department level, thereby diminishing local control.  DESE wants to “change Missouri’s school district accreditation standards to effectively centralize authority over districts at the state level in violation of Missouri law. That is, several proposed standards limit the discretion of local school boards to manage districts and determine personnel needs by requiring boards to structure their purpose and personnel organization in specific ways in order to be accredited.”

If you recall in 2013, the “Minnesota World’s Best Workforce” removed local control from school districts by requiring districts to “align” their school budgets with the MDE.  Our budgets dictate what districts can do individually, supplanting continuous MDE ideology/programs for using that budget and the ability for MDE to track districts as to how money is spent.

Secondly, our MN statute on curriculum and curriculum decisions were removed from parents and teachers and replaced by the World’s Best Workforce Plan Committee (since 2013) which includes administrators, business interests, business organizations, teachers, and possibly one parent (this could be a dual business member and parent). Also, we cannot downplay the MDE’s influence along with the state school organizations to push districts to follow along compliantly.

This Plan has been retitled in local districts as their “District Plan” or “2040 Plan”.  In Hopkins Schools, for instance the plant is called their 2031 Vision. Not that long ago, a teacher and a parent or two, could sit down and talk things over.  How simple! How effective! How personal and local! In the end, parent voice was nearly removed and, we believe, teacher voice as well!

DESE also advanced the idea of changing the Missouri Constitution.  Hmmm? Haven’t we heard about a Constitutional amendment idea in MN brought up by the former MN Supreme Court Justice and current Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank president? Changing states’ constitutions is another trend to watch for.

Now think about this? What if this policy was put forth to the public for a vote? It would likely not pass, right? But our state departments of education can set up these rules, ask for public comments and then do as they please or so it seems. We saw this occur over and over again in the ESSA public comment meetings and email collection of comments. Where is the “consent of the governed”? It wasn’t until the very end that the MDE listened to the people!  A great gathering of Minnesotans emailed. MACC and others testified at the legislature regarding standardized testing concerns (ability to opt out at all) under the ESSA state plan. It was after the populace stood up voicing their concerns that the MDE gave a small token back to parents. We must all step up and voice our concerns since our consent is rarely considered. That means showing up at the legislature!

As has been the case for the last 40 years or more, with the passage of Goals 2000, School to Work, No Child Left Behind, and the grants for Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind Waivers, bringing in the Common Core Standards and the Every Student Succeeds Act, the American people can note clearly that government has existed in a vacuum chamber placing lobbyist and non-profit (NGOs) interests before the people who elected them.

It is so incredibly important today to understand what is happening here in Minnesota and across the country and to know what is our response.  What do we believe? Who are we? How do we verbalize what we believe? We live in very exciting times, times of opportunity, because we are witnessing the dismantlement of our Consent and freedom.  The opportunity we have today may not exist forever!

We, at MACC, are so grateful for the many researchers across the country who sacrifice their time and livelihoods to expose the moves of government, corporation and non-profits. Many thanks to Missouri Education Watchdog!

DESE Attempting to Steal Local Control

Minnesota “Great Start” to Transform Children & Families

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Minnesota “Great Start” to Transform Children & Families

by: Linda Bell

Happy New Year! Welcome to a year of opportunities!!

Once again, individuals in the state of Minnesota, and their allies, are determined to transform our state, our children and our families, whether by executive, legislative or judicial overreach. This includes all zip codes and income levels. 

Last year, we outlined the consequences of the Great Start for All Minnesota Children Act, which remains an active bill in the legislature.

The “Great Start” in brief:

  • Incentivize and implement government prenatal care
  • Home visiting, Prenatal to 3 yrs old (originally required with grant)
  • A later home visiting iteration amended to include health initiatives via evidenced-based and quasi-experimental research.
  • Early learning – birth to 3 via “scholarships”
  • Original early learning scholarship appropriations quadrupled to $1M by 2022
  • Funding for prior existing regionally managed foundations to manage people and businesses ie. Cradle to Grave placements into the workforce and their children into “early learning”.
  • New daycare/childcare building grant funds, by statute, must be a part of the flawed Parent Aware government system.
  • Promotion of predictive analysis/diagnosis. PA states ALL babies/young children need to be removed from their families for the betterment of the child and instead raised by the state. Accountability measures will include testing on babies for physical and psychological/mental health. Many legislators believe this policy is a good one!
  • Original funding for early learning “scholarships” poverty level to $130,000.00 annual income for a family of 4 (400% of poverty level).
  • Use of Targeted Universalism. Some sections of Great Start “targets” people of color, the poor and American Indians to receive benefits with required policies. Targeted Universalism targets one population group or more with the intended purpose to expand to the entire population and is standard language in all areas of legislation today.

Why do we need government managing our children and families?

All of these programs, including the early learning scholarships, are government programs and will come with a price to our freedom.

 Who pays for all these programs?

You and I!  Taken all together, these new or expanded programs will raise taxes through the roof!

Who will administrate the majority of these programs via Great Start? The MN Departments of Health, Education, Employment and Economic Development and Human Services (DHS)! Yes, our corrupt DHS, will likely be in charge of the majority of programs.

Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branch, you say? Stay tuned to learn more about:

  • Governor Walz’s Executive Order to “Place Children at the Center of Government”
  • Relaunching of the Children’s Cabinet
  • Prenatal to 3 Policy Forum (leads: Reps. Dave Pinto, DFL and Jerry Self, R)
  • Preschool Development Grant planning year and now acceptance of federal grant
  • Consequences of the federal Development Preschool Grant newly funded for 2019-2020
  • Continuing consequences of ESSA / ESEA – Every Student Succeeds Act grant
  • Cruz-Guzman desegregation lawsuit and implications for Minneapolis and the 7-Metro county region
  • Constitutional amendment to “give every child the right to an education” (president, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank and former, MN Supreme Court Justice) which “sounds” good but that language is straight out of the United Nations Education for All.

Importantly, Minnesota recently received millions in federal grant money, ie. Preschool Development Grant, so do expect to see additional bills like Great Start where legislators will follow the lead of the US DOE to implement the grant into our state law. The Preschool Development Grant, by the way, covers infants to children, birth to 5.

 If we do not stop this proliferation of government programs, we will find everyone needs government assistance!

Lastly, I mentioned a year for OPPORTUNITY!  What can I do?

This year we have an advantage with November elections! How can we work together?

If you would like to get involved and help, at whatever level, please consider joining our smaller closed group, Minnesota Advocates and Champions for Children.  Our closed group will become our group for actions.  Thank you!

If you love your children, grandchildren, families in your neighborhood and communities, or your common sense is telling you that government and allies have just gone too far, join our Closed Group. This job is not for someone else to do.  The time is now to stand for children and families!!!

HF1 and the identical, SF820, can be read here in it’s first iteration. (https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bills/text.php?number=SF820&version=0&session=ls91&session_year=2019&session_number=0)

You may read the many articles (and videos) from last year concerning this bill on our social media facebook page/closed groups: Minnesota Advocates and Champions for Children.