Executive Orders, Early Childhood and the Family: Will it Forever be Changed?

New MACC bannerExecutive Orders, Early Childhood and the Family: Will it Forever be Changed?

Linda Bell

March 26, 2020

At a time of great crisis, will our governor’s response to the pandemic change early childhood and the family forever?

At other times of crises, such as 9-11 and the collapse of the World Trade Towers, we witnessed sweeping legislation under the Patriot Act bringing our citizens under increasing state surveillance. Other crises brought additional regulations instead of fixing the original issue. All resulted in a loss of freedom.

What is happening?

As small business childcare providers are increasingly shut out of the market, families will have fewer alternatives but the Cradle to Grave system. Parental rights will be obliterated and family, as we have known it, will be forever changed.

Great Start was a Red Flag

Through the Great Start for ALL Minnesota Children Act, a 2019 bill, legislative cards were laid on the table. This bill demonstrates the foundational ideologies of predictive analysis, state control of children early on if not at Birth and health equity or equal health outcomes.  Where? Raised by the state in public schools and/or aligned-programs. When? From Birth! All the while, government workers will be entering your home prenatally weekly then monthly until your baby is 3 years old or older. Free childcare and free home visits!  Eighteen additional pages of how government will implement these plans. Don’t you have to ask why government wants our children so very badly?

Great Start and Governor Walz Executive Orders

Are the two things related? Indeed! Great Start is Governor Walz’s #1 priority and now he has the “peacetime emergency” authority to make it happen. Will the legislators have any voice? Constituent voice – the voice of the people?

Free Childcare

A first executive order a week ago proclaimed free childcare for all healthcare workers and first responders. Sounds great, right? Don’t we already have well established childcare programs for those in need? Yes! This is free childcare for people earning good incomes!! Just a few days earlier all healthcare and first responders were paying for childcare. Now it’s free in the public schools for 5 to 12 year olds and 3-5 year olds in Head Starts! (Don’t forget 38 newly deputized YMCAs for your free childcare.) How will they ever keep all these kids at 6 foot distances? Aren’t the schools otherwise closed? As we see more and more little ones coming down with COVID-19, doesn’t this concern you?

What is an Essential Worker?

Overnight claiming“essential worker” status is quite popular! Essential workers can still work and receives wages. Not to forget, these individuals are also our healthcare workers and others who are daily exposed to the virus and are working so very diligently on our behalf. Hats off to you and thank you! However….

By the latest executive order (March 25th), the ever-expanding “essential worker” falls into one of these categories.  All may receive free childcare!

Healthcare and Public Health

Law enforcement, Public Safety and First Responder

Childcare Providers

Food and Agriculture (includes groceries and farmers and farm supplies)

News Media

Energy – Utilities

Liquor Stores

Water and Wastewater treatment

YES, the virus is real! But please take note. Government is using this virus to remove freedoms, that is, a parent’s right to guide their children, even and especially in the early years.

If you recall from last years’ article, predictive analysis is the idea that all children must attend school very young, somewhere between birth and year 1, as all mother and fathers must go into the workforce. It is not a matter of, “I’ll just stay home and homeschool,” as that belief doesn’t fit into the reality of predictive analysis.

We must continue to offer alternatives to the Common Core Cradle to Grave system embedded in their early childhood structure in Minnesota, for this is where government is heading very quickly.  What we are watching is a systematic transformation of children’s early years and the family.  How will this dove-tail with Kindergarten and beyond when your child knows nothing else but life in school?

Your constituent legislators are asking to hear from you!! Call them to say that you are not in favor of removing all alternatives for early childhood and families through this takeover of child providers and free childcare. On top of all the other costs occurring with the pandemic, taxpayer-funded free childcare for all of society is a cost we cannot afford in Minnesota.



Schools Reduce Children to Unprotected Data Points During COVID-19

MACC technology drive

Schools Reduce Children to Unprotected Data Points During COVID-19

By Anne Taylor

Technology is abound, convenient and part of our everyday world; however, it is very clear there is limited transparency and protections for children (minors) who are increasingly forced to be exposed to the internet – and – at an earlier and earlier age.

We at MACC have SO many questions as well as concern with the technology model being thrust on families during the COVID-19 pandemic known as “Distance Learning.”

For those that have ‘little’s’ at home (elementary school age, for example) – and regardless of whether your child is in public, charter or private school – we are curious how this will affect your child and your school.

Do you have concerns that kids are going on-line simultaneously within our state, our country and globally?  Have YOU been asked for your consent by your district?  Your school?

Our work at MACC has endured seven years of research and six years of work at the Capitol and are followed by other state education watchdog groups around the country – NOT EASY AS WE ARE NOT PAID LOBBYISTS AND HAVE REGULAR JOBS AND FAMILIES JUST LIKE YOU!

The highlight of our efforts not only include that of Common Core, Federal and International education initiatives, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), standardized testing and parental rights for ALL schools, but also the vast information that is being collected and used on minors for profit and exploitation.

BIG TECH-EDUCATION DATA wants to own our kids’ personal information which is a digital representation of the child. 

Maybe your school already implements iPads or Chrome books?  Regardless, the move is to now force technology for 7 hours a day or more into your home, through the schools and without a second thought in a time of utter panic.

What could possibly go wrong?

Whether you have concerns or not, there ARE protocols that need to be put in place and ones that make families feel secure and assured that THEIR child’s privacy is protected!                                                                                                                                              

An example you can follow for your own child’s protection is refusing to have your child’s face/photo/voice utilized or recorded through Google or ANY digital platform at the school.

Many of you are already aware of the push for “personalized learning” and its opportunity for child pedophilia utilized through the internet, particularly though EBSCO and YouTube as well as other apps.

It goes without saying many of these apps and educational platforms ARE collecting your child’s information and without you ever being aware of it and re-shared on other platforms for profit.  Did you, the parent, give consent?

GOVERNMENT sells your children’s data for investment purposes as Human Capital Bonds (HuCAP) within the Federal Reserve System for those on government assistance of any kind, even the Parent Aware system.  Were you given consent?

As with ANY data platform taking place, below are basic questions you should be asking your school:

  • What data protections are in place for the student?
  • What are (insert your school) digital policies?
  • What are the school’s protocols if a data breach were to take place?
  • Does the school have a recommended digital guideline in place for parents? Their child?  Is there one appropriate for EACH grade? 

Also, for parents who DO plan to utilize technology, have you considered the safety of all when utilizing your home or office business computer for your child’s work?  Folks, this is for the protection of both YOU and YOUR CHILD!

Finally, we realize teachers are working so very, very hard!  It is an incredibly sad scenario that our teachers are being reduced to on-line facilitators.  Do not blame your child’s teacher!  There ARE alternatives available.

This IS the time where your superintendents, school principals and leaders need to answer some very serious questions by implementing reasonable protocols to help protect YOUR child’s right to privacy!


Senate Home Visiting bill re-referred to Health & Human Services

Baby talking his first steps
Cute funny happy baby in a colorful shirt making his first steps on a green lawn in a sunny summer garden, mother holding his hands supporting by learning to walk

Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work? Or not!

The Senate in Minnesota is about to close today this early evening.  What are some working on? Here’s just an example. One of the Great Start clone bills we talked to you about last year.

This afternoon during today’s Senate Floor proceedings, Senator Relph (R-St. Cloud) asks to re-refer his SF 1438, (Great Start) Home Visiting bill to Health & Human Services Reform Committee (Chair, Senator Benson.) Senator Abeler is a co-author on the bill. Many Senate committees are canceled for today. This one is not.

How will the home visit program work going forward?

In brief, if a mother chooses home visits, she is required to start prenatally to the 3rd birthday of the child.  Will moms understand this point up front?

“Subd 2. (b) If a home visiting program serves first-time mothers, the program must provide services prenatally until the child is three years of age in order to receive grant funds under this section.”


Who is this program for?

“pregnant women and families with young children and first-time mothers and many other designations”

“Subdivision 1.

Grants for home visiting programs.

(a) The commissioner shall awardgrants to community health boards, nonprofit organizations, and tribal nations to start up or expand home visiting programs serving pregnant women and families with young children.”

(2) to serve families with young children or pregnant women who are high risk or have
high needs; parents who have a history of mental illness, domestic abuse, or substance
abuse; first-time mothers; or families who are eligible for medical assistance or the federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.

What are the allocations?


$23,000,000 in fiscal year 2020 and $41,600,000 in fiscal year 2021 are appropriated
from the general fund to the commissioner of health for grants for home visiting services
under Minnesota Statutes, section 145.87. This amount is in addition to base appropriations,
and $56,500,000 is added to the base in each year for fiscal years 2022 and after.”

Link to bill.


Bill authors:


SF 3606 Private childcare, preschool and homeschool (birth to 4) changed to public. Call and write this weekend! Hearing Monday at 3:00pm.

#Share SF 3606. Call and write now over the weekend! Hearing Monday at 3:00pm. Talking points included. Thank you!!!

Please be kind and professional! We need lots and lots of calls – that’s what changes minds. This very same bill did not pass the 1st committee last year (2019), but now has already passed the 1st committee and has “legs”.

We will keep you informed as additional bills or amended Constitutional language is brought forth!  — MACC

Senate call and email numbers for SF 36060

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