Talking Points: MACC & ACLU Push for Passage of MN Student Data Privacy Act!

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MACC and the ACLU have been working with Rep. Eric Lucero for 5 or 6 years to pass a protective data privacy bill for students in public, charter and private schools.  We’ll link a PDF 1-page version for calls or visits.



Student Data Privacy Act

HF 1821 & SF 2291

 Hello Representative _____________ or Senator _______________,

 I’m (calling or visiting) today to discuss my concerns with student data sharing and selling in our schools. I want to see this stopped! I don’t believe that children’s private information should be shared or sold by 3rd parties who regularly do business with public, charter and private schools. Data protections and security can be put into place without hurting the natural flow of online schooling.

 Minnesota’s Chapter 13 has not been updated for students for at least 30 years!  Just think about the huge changes in technology over that time.  House File 1821 or Senate File 2291 places protections into Chapter 13, our Data code, and I am calling today for your support of this bill. HF 1821’s chief author is Rep. Lucero and SF 2291’s chief author is Sen. B. Anderson.

The Student Data Privacy bill is concise and speaks to technology providers and school-issued devices. Here are some of the primary protections.


  • Student’s private data is not the property (owned) of the tech provider.
  • Procedure after the discovery of a data breach to be in compliance with section 13.055.
  • Procedure for student data when a provider’s contract is to be cancelled.
  • Tech provider must not sell, share or disseminate educational data.
  • Tech provider must not use for commercial purposes, marketing or advertising.
  • Written procedures for tech provider employees who have contact with student data.
  • Parents and students may inspect a complete contract of any school technology provider.



 A government entity or technology provider must not electronically access or monitor:

Audio or visual receiving, transmitting, or recording feature for school-issued device

Student interactions – key strokes, web-browsing


Legislature Takes A Lesson from Carnac; Mandates All-NEW Kinder Assessments to Predict Your Child’s Future

Johnny Carson as Carnac

Pt. 3 of MACC’s Series on the Battle Against Minnesota Families and the Childcare Industry

Remember Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent? Now Minnesota’s legislature wants to get into the act by predicting your child’s future!  (HF 1 & SF 3606) According to the ideology of Predictive Analysis, children are best raised by the state in schools preferably from birth, not by parents, who would most certainly get in the way of a child’s success in school.

MACC reported on Predictive Analysis testimony given in the House last year.  Read here: Are school and work the only important things in life? How about love, a family and the autonomy to raise your children as you best see fit? Who peddles this idea and the others in the bill? College professors, non-profits, foundations, Bill Gates and BIG DATA – generally the paid lobbyists who surround your legislators every day.  MACC makes the case for a takeover of early childhood and childcare markets! (Great Start bill: Read earlier segments Part 1: Home Visiting Legislation Mandates Equal Health Outcomes and Part 2: Legislature Moves to Lock-In Parent Aware Child Care Rating System Despite On-Going Fraud at MN DHS, linked at the end of this article.

The new assessments must (change from “may”) be implemented by the MDE commissioner. The legislature via HF 1/SF 3606 establishes:

  • The MDE test will be the kinder assessment given in every district, charter and federally-funded private school.
  • The change signals that the Kinder-Assessment is now completely in the hands of the Minnesota Department of Education to write as they wish within a few parameters.
  • The test is set to “produce data”
  • Your child’s information will instantaneously fly into the State Longitudinal Education Database System, an open portal of sharing.  Who sees all that data? This is all new language in the bill!

What are the new requirements of the assessment?

  • PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS: “to identify preparedness of a child for [future] success in a school” The state is ready and willing to predict your child’s future.
  • DATA-DRIVEN DECISION-MAKING: “to inform instructional decision-making” All instruction and curriculum decisions based on “predictive analysis data” removing a parent’s authority to choose for their very young child.
  • MARKETING TO PARENTS: “to improve [parental] understanding of connections between kindergarten readiness and later academic achievement. Get the kids into school a.s.a.p.!
  • TRACK AND PROFILE: “produce DATA that can assist in evaluation of early childhood programs” which equates to tracking your wee little ones through the cradle to career pathways
  • COMPARISON OF BABIES AND TODDLERS: “compare all children on their kindergarten readiness” What kind of pressure is the state placing on parents and their 4-5-6 year olds?
  • DATA PROFILES: As of 2021, “every district and charter school” MUST report assessment DATA to MDE. Data is gold!
  • LONGITUDINAL PIPELINE: All DATA funneled into the State Longitudinal Data System: required by 2021-22 school year. Your child’s data on display for life.

All of these regulations brought to further burden a young life!! Remember, we are talking about young children!

After all, what is the purpose of a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment? Do you recall that Kindergarten used to be the start of the educational years not that long ago?

The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) is being used for none other than scare tactics to funnel more and more children into schools earlier and earlier.  

Through Predictive Analysis, children and families will be taught to lean upon the state (and public-private partnerships!) for all of their decision-making. Who knows your child better than artificial intelligence.

When will the assessment be administered? At the beginning of Kindergarten? Or will the state decide shortly thereafter that the child must be assessed earlier and earlier because the state wants all children in their state-run programs?

WHAT WE DO KNOW is that the Minnesota legislature is seeking to takeover early childhood by amending “early learning” school ages down to BIRTH through increasing appropriations and expanding home visits throughout society mandating equal health outcomes.

Call and visit your senators!  Call and visit often!!!

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