ALERT!!! Minnesota seeks to make all education public through legislation

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Great Start and the Constitutional Amendment!! They are more the same than not!!!

Re: HF 1 Great Start for All Minnesota Children and SF 3606 in the Senate.

Our report is due out tonight on the Parent Aware system and it’s established permanency within HF 1 and SF 3606. We know HF 1 will be passed. It is Governor Tim Walz’s big priority.  Alert! SF 3606 gets a hearing on Monday, March 16th.

BIG NEWS!! one of Parent Aware’s components seeks to “increasing fund and regulate BOTH public and private schools.”  Note: SF 299 was passed last year to make K-12 schools part of the QRIS system with star ratings.

SF 3606 is authored by Senator Carla Nelson; co-authored by Jerry Relph and Charles Wiger. This bill will be heard in the Senate Health and Human Resources Committee, Senator Jim Abeler, chair.

The is government taking power unto themselves. Expect a major alert out by tonight!


One thought on “ALERT!!! Minnesota seeks to make all education public through legislation”

  1. The homeschooled youth are often the ones sought out by colleges for a reason! The personal attention and depth of curriculum and opportunities for learning are greater when the school is personalized for each individual. The homeschool system is not broken and does not need to be fixed or made public.
    Leave parental rights of schooling alone. We give 12 years of our life to schooling each of our children to give them the best opportunities and the most care.

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