Executive Orders, Early Childhood and the Family: Will it Forever be Changed?

New MACC bannerExecutive Orders, Early Childhood and the Family: Will it Forever be Changed?

Linda Bell

March 26, 2020

At a time of great crisis, will our governor’s response to the pandemic change early childhood and the family forever?

At other times of crises, such as 9-11 and the collapse of the World Trade Towers, we witnessed sweeping legislation under the Patriot Act bringing our citizens under increasing state surveillance. Other crises brought additional regulations instead of fixing the original issue. All resulted in a loss of freedom.

What is happening?

As small business childcare providers are increasingly shut out of the market, families will have fewer alternatives but the Cradle to Grave system. Parental rights will be obliterated and family, as we have known it, will be forever changed.

Great Start was a Red Flag

Through the Great Start for ALL Minnesota Children Act, a 2019 bill, legislative cards were laid on the table. This bill demonstrates the foundational ideologies of predictive analysis, state control of children early on if not at Birth and health equity or equal health outcomes.  Where? Raised by the state in public schools and/or aligned-programs. When? From Birth! All the while, government workers will be entering your home prenatally weekly then monthly until your baby is 3 years old or older. Free childcare and free home visits!  Eighteen additional pages of how government will implement these plans. Don’t you have to ask why government wants our children so very badly?

Great Start and Governor Walz Executive Orders

Are the two things related? Indeed! Great Start is Governor Walz’s #1 priority and now he has the “peacetime emergency” authority to make it happen. Will the legislators have any voice? Constituent voice – the voice of the people?

Free Childcare

A first executive order a week ago proclaimed free childcare for all healthcare workers and first responders. Sounds great, right? Don’t we already have well established childcare programs for those in need? Yes! This is free childcare for people earning good incomes!! Just a few days earlier all healthcare and first responders were paying for childcare. Now it’s free in the public schools for 5 to 12 year olds and 3-5 year olds in Head Starts! (Don’t forget 38 newly deputized YMCAs for your free childcare.) How will they ever keep all these kids at 6 foot distances? Aren’t the schools otherwise closed? As we see more and more little ones coming down with COVID-19, doesn’t this concern you?

What is an Essential Worker?

Overnight claiming“essential worker” status is quite popular! Essential workers can still work and receives wages. Not to forget, these individuals are also our healthcare workers and others who are daily exposed to the virus and are working so very diligently on our behalf. Hats off to you and thank you! However….

By the latest executive order (March 25th), the ever-expanding “essential worker” falls into one of these categories.  All may receive free childcare!

Healthcare and Public Health

Law enforcement, Public Safety and First Responder

Childcare Providers

Food and Agriculture (includes groceries and farmers and farm supplies)

News Media

Energy – Utilities

Liquor Stores

Water and Wastewater treatment

YES, the virus is real! But please take note. Government is using this virus to remove freedoms, that is, a parent’s right to guide their children, even and especially in the early years.

If you recall from last years’ article, predictive analysis is the idea that all children must attend school very young, somewhere between birth and year 1, as all mother and fathers must go into the workforce. It is not a matter of, “I’ll just stay home and homeschool,” as that belief doesn’t fit into the reality of predictive analysis.

We must continue to offer alternatives to the Common Core Cradle to Grave system embedded in their early childhood structure in Minnesota, for this is where government is heading very quickly.  What we are watching is a systematic transformation of children’s early years and the family.  How will this dove-tail with Kindergarten and beyond when your child knows nothing else but life in school?

Your constituent legislators are asking to hear from you!! Call them to say that you are not in favor of removing all alternatives for early childhood and families through this takeover of child providers and free childcare. On top of all the other costs occurring with the pandemic, taxpayer-funded free childcare for all of society is a cost we cannot afford in Minnesota.



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