For Such a Time As Now: Write or Call Immediately, Tomorrow’s Bill Hearing to Grant “Temporary Authority” to the Dept of Health Commissioner to “delay, waive or modify” our Health Laws Unilaterally

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For Such a Time As Now!

TO: Representative  _______ or Senator ________,

RE: Revisor # 20-8345

DATE: April 13, 2020

Representative ___________,

Many legislators have been asking for constituent feedback. I have serious concerns and ask for your immediate attention.

The latest draft bill to be considered and passed Tuesday, April 14, 2020 is Revisor # 20-8345.

Under Section 12, the Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner is given unilateral authority “to delay, waive or modify” over 17 Minnesota state law chapters or Rules – by which we are governed – Chapters 8.7, 14, 62D, 62J, 62Q, 144, 144A, 144D, 144G, 144H, 146A, 146B, 148, 149A, 153A, 157, 8.8 214, and 327, and in Minnesota Statutes, sections 256.045, 626.556, and 626.557.

Such authority over public health and personal health decisions should never be held by one person. Section 12 allows the Commissioner to write and pass her own laws without legislative or citizen voice. If passed, there will be no recourse for the voice of our legislative body or citizens through our constituent legislators.

Do not give “temporary authority” to the Commissioner to unilaterally make law in Minnesota. Do not allow the Commissioner to have an additional 60 days of emergency powers beyond the state of emergency.