CDC to Totally Transform Schools

CDC Guidelines for Schools 2020
CDC to Totally Transform Schools
Based on CDC guidelines to reopen schools which are under review and ABCNews coverage, this is what the new school environment will look like. Perhaps 12 children to a class spaced apart six feet and all wearing masks. Never to congregate. What about music? drama? art? sports? It doesn’t look good for those subjects. Two articles are linked at the end regarding K-12 schools and childcare.
Teachers: Your role is looking less and less. The online curriculum companies will lead class. We all know that this has been coming! DeVos is sending a boatload of money to the states to enact machine learning. As for home school, many can point to the Harvard conference coming up in June. The goal of the conference is to rid the country of homeschooling.
Feel like we’re all being funneled in a particular direction?
NOW we see the plans that have been discussed for the last 10 years or at least since MACC has been reporting. Via career pathways established when children are very young and based on some data points and predictive health diagnoses, a certain percentage will be ushered off into their jobs/apprenticeships early. Let me say that again. Early, thereby saving more space in the classrooms. That would likely be by the beginning of middle school.
Remember also that the US DOE has been talking about longer days and longer school years. Another scheduling format could be shorter periods at school and rotated with the rest of the school population. This could mean school all year. Why not? It’s been tried in various large cities and it’s a part of our Minnesota statutes already.
NOW is the time to rise up! Stand up for your own and for the children of your community. What is coming is nothing short of the enslavement of the next generation. It is a new system to take over our lives from the very beginning. 
How can you help?
1. Immediately call your senator and representative. Read them these CDC guidelines.
2. Help MACC look for bills that would enforce these and other CDC guidelines upon your family.
3. Be on guard!!!

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