Walz Calls for Local District Decision-Making While Pushing State Guidelines and Requirements for Matrix, Extensive Testing and Quarantines

Governor Walz

Walz Calls for Local District Decision-Making While Pushing Guidelines and Requirements for Matrix, Extensive Testing and Quarantines

by: Linda Bell

Governor Walz, Lieutenant Governor Flannahan, MDH Commissioner Jan Malcolm, MDE Commissioner Mary-Cathryn Ricker and MDH Deputy Commissioner Heather Mueller decreed that school districts would be making their own decisions. MACC applauds state leadership in tipping their hat to local control! That’s the way it’s supposed to be!  Unfortunately, decisions and on-going school operations will be controlled through “constant consultation” and advisement on regulatory policies originated in the Dept of Health particularly and the Dept of Education. Oh, no… We’ve seen this show before!

If ever there was a time to get into your local school board, NOW IS THE TIME!  We’re talking about the lives of our children and it is time to step up and get into all school board meetings beginning in August and continuing… During the press conference it was made clear that the current plan will continue to evolve.

Apparently the “local decision part” is  a “data-driven approach”, written by the Dept. of Health, in the 18-page, “Safe Learning Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year.” This “data-driven approach” or Matrix framework is the biggest deciding factor in opening or not opening a school. In essence, if a county has more than 50 cases those districts will be prohibited from offering any in-person instruction! https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/schools/k12planguide.pdf

Considering last spring’s failed “distance learning” model, we would hope that some districts would rely more on their own district regional statistics rather than total stats in very large counties. Districts can also say no to the whole deal! It is high time for districts to start standing up.

State Goals in Making a District Decision

MN Safe Schools Plan #1A

Hitting on the theme of “the state raising the child,” Gov. Walz said he is very responsible for the care of all of the state’s children and that “the school is the one thing in society that binds us all together.”  Enter Stage Right —–> Arne Duncan! We gazed into the mind of the governor last year as he advocated for the “Great Start for ALL Minnesota Children Act” which prods babies into schools and home visiting prenatal to 3 years old, at one point a mandate.

Walz stated, “There will be extensive testing in the schools.”

This act will unleash a multitude of corporations and businesses who will make staggering amounts of money on daily temperature checks, Covid testing and thousands and thousands of Contact Tracers. We are creating a cottage-industry to fight a pandemic that hasn’t truly panned out.

Minnesota: Expect extensive academic testing and extensive health testing. It’s called surveillance data tracking and MACC has written about this for years.

Building an education system “for the long haul” is the key to this plan. This is a plan not just for the fall but for years to come. “Wearing masks will keep cases down. Social distancing helps.” It is interesting to ponder if the matrix used for schools will cross over to businesses, also?

MN Safe Schools Plan #3A

In this graphic, districts will be making decisions (in consultation with agencies) about the total number of cases over 14 days divided by the county population/10,000 totaling the 14-day county level case rate per 10,000.  Commissioner Malcolm stated that, “There will be a detailed consultative process for local schools to apply these guidelines.”

Selecting a Learning Model for School Opening (50+ cases = distance learning) This count includes prison Covid cases and yet, these individuals are not part of the general population.

MN Safe Schools Plan #4A

At MACC, we are curious as to why the Dept of Health chose to use “cases” as opposed to “deaths?” Minnesota likely has lots of cases and most are asymptomatic. The death percentage rate is truly the all-important number and we encourage the Governor to use the death count instead.

Additionally, shouldn’t we be questioning the data, which is the foundation of the Matrix framework? Many individuals in Minnesota have been told they possibly have Covid but never received a confirming test. These individuals were counted as “cases” nevertheless.  Also, the case count is skewed because cases represent the number of the tests, which could be 4 – 10 tests, on 1 individual. In the statistical count, 4 individuals appear to have Covid when in actuality there were 4 tests given the same individual.

[MDH Commissioner Malcolm] The state has set up “Incident Command Teams” in every public school. ICT will evaluate the ability to implement REQUIRED and RECOMMENDED health best practices in guidance.”   One must question why the governor is pushing “extensive testing” in the schools? Will in-person learning students be tested or will this extend to hybrid and distance learning students, also? Will their families be tested? Add to this the unneccesary and nefarious contact tracing and we have a society-wide disaster with continual quarantines.

Requirements for In-Person and Hybrid Learning

MN Safe Schools Plan #5A

MN Schools #7

Determining when to turn the dial backwards

MN Safe Schools Plan #6A

The Governor’s plan is incredibly concerning not only for academic progress but also concerns regarding mental health for our next generation. The plan will not lead to trust among children and/or teachers. In fact, MACC has witnessed this sort of state takeover of school districts in the past with the Common Core Standards, a corporate led takeover using federal and state structures. Let’s move in a positive direction!

MACC encourages Governor Walz and Commissioner’s Malcolm and Ricker to:

  • Remove the Matrix framework due to faulty unreliable data.
  • Allow local school boards, administrators, teachers and especially parents to make their own local decisions as to how to reopen schools, write their own guidelines and create what is best for their community’s children.



Covid testing and contact tracing is ramping up at our retirement homes and small childcare centers. The tracers are setting up camp for weeks at a time in some businesses. In accordance with MACC’s mission to report on “government structural changes, parental rights, education, children and families”, today we continue our coverage on contact tracing. (MACC published information on the MN contact tracing bills during the session and our response. Unfortunately the contact tracing bill of rights was not passed and so it is up to YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES to refuse testing and tracing.) Refer to this quick summary. https://commoncoremn.com/2020/05/15/minnesota-sf-4500-hf-4579-testing-and-contact-tracing-bills-move-forward-know-your-rights/
The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and various individual nursing homes are implementing a “5-point battle plan” as they work together to “protect residents and employees”, or so they say. Are we testing because of many new cases?  NO! None of these residents are reportedly sick or have symptoms of Covid. The MDH is expanding their testing coverage to facility-wide Covid testing across the state. Some childcare centers are also reporting tracers on a daily basis.

Governor Walz made it clear he would have 4,000 contact tracers hired. The mission here is to give all nursing home residents a Covid test. Contact tracers then return to tested sites, despite negative results, and wait and watch…. Did they hear a sneeze? Was that a cough? Do you have allergies or is it Covid? So then they want to test again and it appears every 2 weeks. This is termed “continuous testing.”

Retirement homes are circulating and emailing the attached form.  Although the letter states that residents and family members with power of attorney may opt-out of testing, we are learning that not all centers are offering this option. Some nursing homes are literally walking in and telling residents they need to have this test. Some residents have dementia or other health issues and may not have awareness of the situation. Consent must be required and offered in every case.

Please note: Regarding the letter… Identifying information was removed due to privacy concerns of individuals and residents. The letter states initial testing dates and these dates may already have occurred or are about to happen. If you have loved ones in Minnesota nursing homes, please check with the facility a.s.a.p.

Regional state teams are being deployed to test onsite in resident’s rooms. Although the letter lists the National Guard, concerned individuals who have contacted MACC state that the National Guard has not been seen at the various facilities.  The individuals observed were contracted by the MDH.

If you recall, the Minnesota Testing and Contact Tracing bill’s purpose (HF 4579 and SF 4500) was to establish:
  • Testing
  • Continued/Continuous Testing
  • Contact Tracing
  • Case Investigation
  • Investigative Workers
  • Follow-up Workers
  • Providing essential services, including alternative housing
  • Information Technology
  • Surveillance / Data will be collected on each individual
  • No consent language included (although a later Senate bill did offer a “consent bill of rights”)
Though neither bill passed, it did offer a model template for the Commissioner of Health to utilize her emergency powers’ authority.

Contact tracing is a vicious circle of data collection, surveillance and quarantine. Thankfully, our friends at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) make it clear that they are closely watching and in opposition to how people may be tracked and predatorially surveilled. They’ve submitted a FOIA for information from the CDC and Dept of Health regarding all communications with technology companies.https://www.engadget.com/aclu-privacy-principles-contact-tracing-220040940.html

A number of childcare centers (not corporate) are reporting they have contact tracers who show up every day they are open. They want to check attendance records as these are key to place a child or parent in that center on any particular day. One center, Care Corner in Mankato, was closed down last week due to a Covid case. This center has over 100 children. Contact tracing this many children (and their families) and teachers (and families) will quickly drive up “positive cases” as tracers look for 16 to 20 people within the sphere of the positive tested individual. Those 16 to 20 individuals will then be traced and so the circle is ever-expanding. Possible “positive cases” can truly accelerate the reporting of cases, though these are not actual cases. Most will be quarantined. We find it interesting that the closing of Care Corner has not been mentioned in the media.

If you watched the numbers rise quickly in Texas, this was managed through Governor Abbott’s contract with a large international contact tracing business, MTX. https://www.governing.com/finance/Texas-Governor-Criticized-Over-295M-Contact-Tracing-Deal.html

SO… “What can I do?” A LOT!!!


If ALL citizens refused these Orwellian measures, we could close down testing (for the well) and tracing overnight.

Call your local retirement centers/nursing homes and tell them to be sure that all residents understand opting-out and comply with a patient’s consent to not test or contact trace.
REMEMBER, if you are not sick, you have every right to refuse a Covid test! Secondly, you do not have to answer a contact tracer on any question. This whole system of contact tracing is predicated on possible contact and no test. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like your personal story regarding contact tracing to be published.
Retirement Home Letter2

UNESCO Collecting Personal Data on ALL Children

School and Sustainable Development Goals

by Linda Bell

UNESCO Collecting Personal Data on ALL Children

Why does the most powerful international and intergovernmental organization in the world want to know your child? UNESCO is aggressively pushing all children (and their parents) to acknowledge and accept the importance of their 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The sustainable development goals are foremost in what is taught in our children’s curriculum and testing. If the data is available (and it is!), UNESCO can have access into your child’s inner thoughts on the ideas expressed within the goals.

The embedded UNESCO news brief advocates all countries achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #4 – A Quality Education for All – prior to the Agenda 2030 deadline. If you’ve not read much on the UNESCO website before, they routinely nag countries toward total obedience for which countries compliantly follow in lockstep. https://sdg.uis.unesco.org/2020/01/22/our-new-years-resolution-for-2020-let-data-be-our-guide/

UNESCO’s 2020 New Year’s Resolution is “Let Data be Your Guide!”

UNESCO will measure data globally by tracking learning outcomes at 3 points in a child’s educational journey. How will UNESCO use this information? What are they going to do with your child’s personal information?? How will it affect your child getting into college and/or into the career that they desire?

According to the article, 33 of 43 sustainable development goal #4 indicators will be tracked on each child. Additional sustainable development goals #1 – #3 and #5 – #17, outside of SDG #4, will also be tracked.

UNESCO uses sub-points, called indicators, which signify a child’s mastery of specified subject matter. “The indicators are conceptually clear and have international methodologies and standards.” This is a direct reference to the Common Core standards and teaching/learning methodologies. CCSS standards are also data points that are tracked and are based on the SDGs.

UNESCO’s Institute of Statistics (UIS) holds the Global Education Databank.


The ugly truth is that the UN/UNESCO is centralizing power via punitive policies that repress all national and state laws. New laws are enacted and replaced with the language of sustainable development goals. This action is a removal of the freedoms we’ve enjoyed in the United States. Directing the UN SDGs is the technocracy. If you’ve had enough of Gates, Bezos, and the other technocrats, you might want to look into the technocracy.

Understand now why they want “distance learning” or a combination of distance and on-campus? Either way, with the technocracy at the helm, it’s a win-win for UNESCO’s on-going inculcation of America’s children.

School and Sustainable Development Goals