UNESCO Collecting Personal Data on ALL Children

School and Sustainable Development Goals

by Linda Bell

UNESCO Collecting Personal Data on ALL Children

Why does the most powerful international and intergovernmental organization in the world want to know your child? UNESCO is aggressively pushing all children (and their parents) to acknowledge and accept the importance of their 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The sustainable development goals are foremost in what is taught in our children’s curriculum and testing. If the data is available (and it is!), UNESCO can have access into your child’s inner thoughts on the ideas expressed within the goals.

The embedded UNESCO news brief advocates all countries achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #4 – A Quality Education for All – prior to the Agenda 2030 deadline. If you’ve not read much on the UNESCO website before, they routinely nag countries toward total obedience for which countries compliantly follow in lockstep. https://sdg.uis.unesco.org/2020/01/22/our-new-years-resolution-for-2020-let-data-be-our-guide/

UNESCO’s 2020 New Year’s Resolution is “Let Data be Your Guide!”

UNESCO will measure data globally by tracking learning outcomes at 3 points in a child’s educational journey. How will UNESCO use this information? What are they going to do with your child’s personal information?? How will it affect your child getting into college and/or into the career that they desire?

According to the article, 33 of 43 sustainable development goal #4 indicators will be tracked on each child. Additional sustainable development goals #1 – #3 and #5 – #17, outside of SDG #4, will also be tracked.

UNESCO uses sub-points, called indicators, which signify a child’s mastery of specified subject matter. “The indicators are conceptually clear and have international methodologies and standards.” This is a direct reference to the Common Core standards and teaching/learning methodologies. CCSS standards are also data points that are tracked and are based on the SDGs.

UNESCO’s Institute of Statistics (UIS) holds the Global Education Databank.


The ugly truth is that the UN/UNESCO is centralizing power via punitive policies that repress all national and state laws. New laws are enacted and replaced with the language of sustainable development goals. This action is a removal of the freedoms we’ve enjoyed in the United States. Directing the UN SDGs is the technocracy. If you’ve had enough of Gates, Bezos, and the other technocrats, you might want to look into the technocracy.

Understand now why they want “distance learning” or a combination of distance and on-campus? Either way, with the technocracy at the helm, it’s a win-win for UNESCO’s on-going inculcation of America’s children.

School and Sustainable Development Goals