Covid testing and contact tracing is ramping up at our retirement homes and small childcare centers. The tracers are setting up camp for weeks at a time in some businesses. In accordance with MACC’s mission to report on “government structural changes, parental rights, education, children and families”, today we continue our coverage on contact tracing. (MACC published information on the MN contact tracing bills during the session and our response. Unfortunately the contact tracing bill of rights was not passed and so it is up to YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES to refuse testing and tracing.) Refer to this quick summary.
The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and various individual nursing homes are implementing a “5-point battle plan” as they work together to “protect residents and employees”, or so they say. Are we testing because of many new cases?  NO! None of these residents are reportedly sick or have symptoms of Covid. The MDH is expanding their testing coverage to facility-wide Covid testing across the state. Some childcare centers are also reporting tracers on a daily basis.

Governor Walz made it clear he would have 4,000 contact tracers hired. The mission here is to give all nursing home residents a Covid test. Contact tracers then return to tested sites, despite negative results, and wait and watch…. Did they hear a sneeze? Was that a cough? Do you have allergies or is it Covid? So then they want to test again and it appears every 2 weeks. This is termed “continuous testing.”

Retirement homes are circulating and emailing the attached form.  Although the letter states that residents and family members with power of attorney may opt-out of testing, we are learning that not all centers are offering this option. Some nursing homes are literally walking in and telling residents they need to have this test. Some residents have dementia or other health issues and may not have awareness of the situation. Consent must be required and offered in every case.

Please note: Regarding the letter… Identifying information was removed due to privacy concerns of individuals and residents. The letter states initial testing dates and these dates may already have occurred or are about to happen. If you have loved ones in Minnesota nursing homes, please check with the facility a.s.a.p.

Regional state teams are being deployed to test onsite in resident’s rooms. Although the letter lists the National Guard, concerned individuals who have contacted MACC state that the National Guard has not been seen at the various facilities.  The individuals observed were contracted by the MDH.

If you recall, the Minnesota Testing and Contact Tracing bill’s purpose (HF 4579 and SF 4500) was to establish:
  • Testing
  • Continued/Continuous Testing
  • Contact Tracing
  • Case Investigation
  • Investigative Workers
  • Follow-up Workers
  • Providing essential services, including alternative housing
  • Information Technology
  • Surveillance / Data will be collected on each individual
  • No consent language included (although a later Senate bill did offer a “consent bill of rights”)
Though neither bill passed, it did offer a model template for the Commissioner of Health to utilize her emergency powers’ authority.

Contact tracing is a vicious circle of data collection, surveillance and quarantine. Thankfully, our friends at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) make it clear that they are closely watching and in opposition to how people may be tracked and predatorially surveilled. They’ve submitted a FOIA for information from the CDC and Dept of Health regarding all communications with technology companies.

A number of childcare centers (not corporate) are reporting they have contact tracers who show up every day they are open. They want to check attendance records as these are key to place a child or parent in that center on any particular day. One center, Care Corner in Mankato, was closed down last week due to a Covid case. This center has over 100 children. Contact tracing this many children (and their families) and teachers (and families) will quickly drive up “positive cases” as tracers look for 16 to 20 people within the sphere of the positive tested individual. Those 16 to 20 individuals will then be traced and so the circle is ever-expanding. Possible “positive cases” can truly accelerate the reporting of cases, though these are not actual cases. Most will be quarantined. We find it interesting that the closing of Care Corner has not been mentioned in the media.

If you watched the numbers rise quickly in Texas, this was managed through Governor Abbott’s contract with a large international contact tracing business, MTX.

SO… “What can I do?” A LOT!!!


If ALL citizens refused these Orwellian measures, we could close down testing (for the well) and tracing overnight.

Call your local retirement centers/nursing homes and tell them to be sure that all residents understand opting-out and comply with a patient’s consent to not test or contact trace.
REMEMBER, if you are not sick, you have every right to refuse a Covid test! Secondly, you do not have to answer a contact tracer on any question. This whole system of contact tracing is predicated on possible contact and no test. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like your personal story regarding contact tracing to be published.
Retirement Home Letter2

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