House File 1: Will there be a September Passage? Call your legislator!



Several months ago, MACC declared that HF 1 (Great Start) should be watched carefully through the monthly legislative sessions as our governor continued to reauthorize his emergency powers.

Starting TODAY we asking all of our friends to once again call on Senate and House members to STOP passage of this bill and to stop funding various organizations. The people of Minnesota are frustrated that this bill is still on the table!!!

Over the last 3 years, MACC volunteer lobbyists and members vigorously worked against House File 1, known as The Great Start for All Minnesota Children Act.  One of THE most far-reaching Minnesota bills ever drafted,“Great Start” covered/covers a multiplicity of categories. So our readers may understand the breadth and complexity of the bill here is a quick outline.

Babies and Young Children

  • Very young children (babies) placed into schools for the benefit of the state and workforce development as mothers were sent into the workforce. Additionally, it was claimed by “experts” that babies must be raised by the state schools in order for brains to develop properly.

Home Visits

  • Government home visits which at first were for education reasons, later changed to health checks. Visits originally started prenatally (weekly) to the 3rd year of the child (monthly), if not longer. Length of coverage is most recently removed yet the health visit reasons are concerning.

Daycare/Early Learning“Scholarships”

  • Early Learning Scholarships reaching into upper-class annual income (400% of the poverty level)

Great Start Fund

  • Instituting the Great Start Fund for investment funding of the bill in entirety

YMCA Funding

  • Funding the YMCAs (which recently served “essential workers” for free daycare and are now seen as “satellite sites for public schools” for which workers need not be licensed or have background checks.)

Funding Childcare Start-ups who follow only government mandates

  • Funding a multiplicity of organizations to start childcare businesses based on government mandates.
  • Parent Aware: the Race to the Top federal accountability system and human capital bond system
  • Amending the effects of Parent Aware on childcare providers

Fund the Initiative Foundation system state-wide

  • Funding the Initiative Foundations to implement workforce development based on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Parent Aware. (passed in both chambers)

Mandating Kindergarten Readiness Assessments prior to Kindergarten

  • Instituting Kindergarten Readiness Assessments (already passed in both chambers)
  • 35 pages of much more…

In summary, HF 1 covers children, parents, childcare providers, schools, business start-ups and all of society. It is a collective system that is all-encompassing!



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