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Here is the contact information for our STOP COMMON CORE CAMPAIGN.  We are asking that you contact Rep John Kline,  your constituent US representative and both your constituent senator and representative.  You may need to copy/paste some of the email contacts into your browser.  Thank you!


  1. Call Rep John Kline’s Burnsville office (952-808-1213) and tell him you want education returned to parents and local school districts.This bill does not take us out of common core curriculum, data collection, over-testing and workforce agenda. You may contact him more than once.  Call him every day if you like!
  2. Email Rep Kline at the same.
  3. Share with friends on facebook that the “Student Success Act” is just a rebrand of No Child Left behind with even more regulations. Rep Kline’s facebook page is (
  4. Comment on Rep Kline’s twitter page ( and your own using the hashtags #NCLB; #STOPCCSS; #KILLTHEBILL.



Tell them that the Student Success Act is just a rebrand of No Child Left Behind with additional regulations.  Tell them you want the federal government to exit the common core regime with poor and inappropriate curriculum, over-testing, data collection and workforce agenda and return education back into the hands of parents, teachers and local schools.


Congressional District 1: Tim Walz (507-206-0643 Rochester)


Congressional District 2: John Kline (952-808-1213 Burnsville)


Congressional District 3: Erik Paulsen (952-405-8510 Eden Prarie)


Congressional District 4: Betty McCollum (651-224-9191 St Paul)


Congressional District 5: Keith Ellison (612-522-1212 Minneapolis)


Congressional District 6:  Tom Emmer (763-241-6848 Otsego)


Congressional District 7: Collin C Peterson (320-235-1061 Willmar);


Congressional District 8:  Rep Rick Nolan  (218-464-5095 Duluth):


Maps of Legislative and Congressional Districts:


Find your US Representative/Congressional District by your zip code: Who represents me?




This link will take you to the house and senate information pages.






For Immediate Release

Minnesotans Against Common Core:


America has fought in many wars in its short existence.  Most of those wars were fought on other lands and continents.  Now, we are engaged in the biggest war our country has ever witnessed.  It is a war from within!

Congress is ready to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind / Elementary and Secondary Education Act within the month.  The House has renamed the bill the “Student Success Act” or HB 5.  The education committee voted to pass the bill and it now goes to the full House.

Rep. John Kline (Chair, US House Education and Workforce Committee) has announced that his federalized education plan, a rebranded No Child Left Behind, will go to a full House vote on February 23rd.   The news is not good!  Rep Kline had an outstanding opportunity to author a bill that protected parental rights and local control.  Instead he has chosen to take education out of the hands of parents and teachers.  Just this week, the US House worked on a brief mark up of the bill without any public hearing.  The House education committee voted to approve the bill. Again, the full US House vote has been scheduled for February 23rd.

Minnesotans Against Common Core (MACC) was founded with the mission of informing and educating.  But now, we must take action!  We had hoped the ESEA reauthorization would not be brought forth at the national level, but here we are.

In the best sense of protecting and standing for freedom, we call upon all Minnesotans to take action!  Take action NOW for the sake of our children, families, citizens, teachers and schools, state and country.  Rep. John Kline, who chairs the all-important Education and Workforce Committee in addition to our other MN-elected US Reps must be called.  This will be our main focus this week.  The US House is on recess, Feb 16th – 20th.  Rep. Kline is in district (Burnsville office).  Kline is perhaps the most powerful individual holding our children and schools’ future in his hands. We must communicate our dissatisfaction with tens of 1,000s of calls and emails.  If possible, make an appointment to visit his office.  MACC hopes to work will all like-minded organizations within our state to stop the ESEA reauthorization and ask for Kline to either Sunset the bill or rewrite for a full repeal of Common Core Standards.

  • Call Rep John Kline’s local office immediately at his in-district office (952-808-1213) and tell him you are not for “choice” if there is no repeal of the Common Core system. This bill does not take us out of common core curriculum, data collection, over-testing and workforce agenda. You may contact him more than once.  Call him every day if you like!




  • Please contact your constituent US House rep from Minnesota with same methodology. US House reps will be called to vote on the HB 5 in and around February 23rd – in approximately 1 week.  Will post this later.

The news of removing local control and federalizing education has not been discussed in the media.   Our elected officials who serve us, must be told about these bills immediately!

  • As you are able, please contact your own Minnesota representative and senator and tell me you are not in favor of Common Core standards, data collection, over-testing, workforce initiative OR Choice and Charters where Common Core is the only curriculum and testing option.


Specific calling and email talking points will be posted in later tonight.  Call and email templates coming also.


Minnesota, we elected Rep Kline and now he must listen to the constituents whom he serves.  He chairs a national committee for which all Minnesotans will be affected.  Please take the 15 minutes to call and/or email.   


Thank you for making your voices known!


Sign our MACC Petition


MACC Petition:  Stop the implementation of the Common Core Standards in Minnesota

As a citizen and taxpayer of the state of Minnesota, I petition the Legislature, Governor,  Department of Education, the Board of School Administrators as well as Superintendents, to take every action necessary to rescind and/or terminate Minnesota’s participation in  No Child Left Behind and the No Child Left Behind Waiver,   College and Career Ready Standards,   Race to the Top and Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge,  Common Core Standards, and the Minnesota World’s Best Workforce, or any agreement to share data (as in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Race to the Top) with the federal government or any other governmental or private or corporate  entity, any national-testing consortium, such as SBAC, PARCC, AIR or Pearson; and any scheme that requires participation.   Common Core Standards and College and Career Ready Standards serve as a vehicle for federal and corporate control over local public education and/or make local control obsolete.  Minnesota’s citizens, who pay approximately $16.5 billion annually in state and local taxes for education, have the constitutional right to exercise 100% control over the content and standards in our public schools through our duly elected representatives in the Minnesota Senate and Minnesota House.

Here’s the link.