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MACC Rocks 500 Members!

Congratulations to Minnesotans Against Common Core (MACC) as they pass a HUGE milestone of 500 members!!!

Minnesotans Against Common Core has a mission to accomplish!  We as parents, teachers and citizens are concerned about the loss of local control and parental voice.    We believe it is in the best interest of all Minnesotans to know exactly what this new educational system means for our schools and more importantly, for our children.

Therefore, MACC will strive for nothing less than a full stop in implementation of the Common Core Standards in Minnesota, a full stop in data mining our children via high-stakes tests and behavioral/psychological testing (AIR) as well as any other initiatives which accompany Common Core State Standards, Race to the Top grants,No Child Left Behind waivers, and other destructive educational reform policies.  Through a pause mechanism, legislators and all state leaders, teachers, principals, superintendents, parents and citizens can all weigh in on this “transformational reform movement”.

We support our teachers, principals, public, private and home schools!  But the bottom line is, we support our CHILDREN as the NEXT GENERATION of Americans!

Get ready!!!  We’re about to turn the corner on some very exciting events in Minnesota:  state-wide conference calls, numerous education presentations and forums, legislative meetings, school board attendance and/or presentations and we need ALL of you to help in whatever capacity you are able!

Tomorrow I’ll be detailing our first move as we continue membership with our State group, but also ask for your membership in joining your County group.  The new County groups will be introduced over the next week or two and will serve to better help in local efforts.

In addition, we’ll begin two other very important groups:   Praying for Our Schools,  to pray for God’s will in all efforts and for our team, and Minnesota Catholics Against Common Core.

Thank you all for your time in educating yourselves, reading the articles, listening to the radio interview and talking with friends.   We are racing towards January and the legislative session.  Let’s all give our best efforts!

Stealing Our Schools Forum Thursday, September 19 6:30 p.m.

Mark your calendars for this Thursday’s educational forum, Stealing Our Schools!  The event is located at Bethesda Church in Prior Lake at 6:30 p.m.   John Daley, College Professor and Representative Sondra Erickson, Education Finance and  Republican-Lead on the Education Policy/Reform Committee, will speak on the state of education in Minnesota. Representative Pam Myhra, Education Finance and Republican-Lead on the Early Children and Youth Development Policy Committee, will speak about education and her experiences in home schooling.  Constitutional attorney, Marjorie Holsten will give a brief history of education in the United States as well as information on the Common Core Standards.  Public school teacher and homeschooler, Linda Bell, will talk about the effects of Common Core on private schools and home schooling.

Here’s the link to the flyer (address included).

Brief Audit of Bill Gates Common Core Spending

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but it’s sure being used to buy the hearts and minds of our kids – just ask Bill Gates!  According to  Mercedes Schneider, Common Core State Standards would more aptly be named, the “Common Core Gates Standards”.  Gates is that entity who has thrown millions at trade organizations, policy think-tanks, the AFT and NEA teacher unions, universities, corporations, and even the PTA in order to persuade the general populace and assuage the fears of doubters.

Our educational system is in the process of being bought and sold.  Schneider ponders ,”  Can Bill Gates buy a foundational democratic institution?  Will America allow it?  The fate of CCSS will provide crucial answers to those looming questions.”