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MACC Day at the Capitol 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015 

Rally: 9:00am Upper Mall Steps of the Capitol
Meeting: 10:10am  State Office Building Rm 400N

9:00am – 10:00am Rally Capitol Steps
(Bring your Rally posters or MACC yard signs)

10:10am Check-in/Welcome table State Office Bldg
Name Tags – MACC Buttons

10:20am – 11:30am Speakers including:
Senator Roger Chamberlain
Rep. Jim Davnie
Rep. Sondra Erickson
Rep. Jason Isaacson                                                                                                     Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer

Rep. Eric Lucero

Rep. Jim Nash

Rep. Dennis Smith

MACC leadership speaking on MACC’s vision in growing the grassroots, working with our legislature and the mission of our school groups.

Brief explanation of how we will visit with legislators.

11:30am Bag lunch (bring your own lunch) or Eat in the Cafeteria

12:00pm Visit your legislators / education committee

1:00pm Rm 400N clear

Parking is best in the Department of Transportation/State Office Building parking lot.


ALERT: Kerkhoven-Sunburg-Murdock (KMS) School District to offer “National School Climate Center” Survey This Week to Elementary Students

6th grade photo

ALERT: Kerkhoven-Sunburg-Murdock (KMS) School District to offer “National School Climate Center” Survey to its Elementary Students. This article is a re-post of the same survey from this past spring given to Orono schools. Again, if you are concerned about data collection and the nature of questions, parents may opt their child OUT. KMS is said to distribute the survey to students THIS WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7th and 9th, 2015.  Other districts may be offering the survey, also.

This article is a re-post of the same survey from this past spring given to Orono schools.   Again, if you are concerned about data collection and the nature of questions, parents may opt their child OUT.   KMS is said to distribute the survey to students THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 2015.

WELCOME to our third in a series of Minnesota Surveys on Parade!  We have collected a lot of surveys.  Have you seen these surveys in your public or private school?   Not only do they take up precious classroom time but also may have been distributed without parental consent.   This one is from Orono Schools.  Surveys are given weekly. Feel free to mail us your surveys at

“This is not a test!  We just want to know how you feel!”

by Anne Taylor

National School Climate Center (NSCI):  NSCI is an organization that helps schools integrate a climate that is safe and supportive while nurturing social and emotional, ethical, and academic skills.  According to the NSCI web-site, the aim is to enhance student performance, prevent drop outs, reduce physical violence, bullying, and develop healthy and positively engaged adults.

NSCI works with the entire academic community including teachers and staff as well as school-based mental health professionals.  Students are told, “This is not a test!  We just want to know how you feel.”  According to NSCI’s website, the U.S. Department of Education’s Safe and Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center recognizes CSCI as a reliable and valid measurement tool.  This is very telling who exactly is collecting your child’s answers.

For those of you convinced the survey may be a good thing, I would ask: What if the child didn’t understand the question, marked an answer incorrectly, or thought it would be funny to mark the worst possible answer?  Well, that answer is now recorded.

And while it is stated on the first page of the survey that answers are
anonymous and “no one from the school will ever see your answers and no identifying information,” in the world of technology we know that ALL technology IS completely traceable.

In 2015, 6th graders in the Orono school district were asked in the
questionnaire several times sexual orientation and gender.  This made some parents feel uncomfortable as some of the questions were not deemed developmentally appropriate for all students, and could be considered ‘grooming’ if the child has not been exposed to this language.

Again, if the parent did NOT receive information on the option to opt-out, that child likely participated in the survey under what is called “passive consent.”  We will be discussing this more at length in another article soon.


You can check the NSCI website here:

MAIN orono survey 2015 6th grade

1 orono 2015 6th grade survey


2 orono 2015 6th grade survey

orono survey 6th grade

Immediate Action: Call Today on Sen Kiffmeyer’s Survey Bill Amendment



A special thank you to Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, who is offering an Amendment regarding the excessive volume of surveys given to our children.  This Amendment requires an “Opt In” instead of an “Opt Out” as is the practice now.  We have heard many stories about surveys that are occurring with “passive” consent.  These surveys may contain offensive subject matter and/or take up far too much classroom time.  We are very concerned with the intrusive collection of data on our children as well as a lack of parental notification.  This Amendment will not apply to the MN Student Health Survey, which occurs every 3 years.   The MN Student Health Survey will still have the “opt out” ability.  This is an important start to peeling back the layers of the intrusion in our children’s life, and needs your support.

Please call and email Senator WigerSenate Education Chair ASAP and ask him to please include Senator Kiffmeyer’s Survey Amendment in the Education Policy Bill SF1495.   THE HEARING IS TOMORROW, MARCH 19th, so we need you to act quickly and please take the 5 minutes to do this.   You may use the script template below or create your own.

Senator Wiger can be reached at  (651) 296-6820


 Hello, my name is _____________________.  I live in __________________, Minnesota.  I am calling today to ask that Senator Wiger include Senator Kiffmeyer’s Student Survey Amendment in the Education Policy bill SF1495, to protect our children from intrusive data collection.  Our children are being asked to answer information on surveys that is beyond their scope of understanding in both content and consequence, while taking away from instruction time and giving data to parties outside of the school.  I am concerned this data exposure puts my child’s personal information at risk, and is something that can affect their future.  The amount of surveys that are occurring are taking away valuable instruction time, and offer no viable educational enhancement.







IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED! Call Representative Erickson


MACC has 3 bills related to parental rights and data collection!!! We have been working very hard and need YOU calling TONIGHT & TOMORROW MORNING for IMMEDIATE ACTION in support of these bills!  THEY WILL NOT PASS UNLESS YOU EMAIL and CALL IN!!!  Be sure to leave your name and city.

TONIGHT’S IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED:  Post it on your timeline/Call your friends or send them an email!!

CALL REP SONDRA ERICKSON, CHAIR OF THE HOUSE EDUCATION POLICY COMMITTEE.   Call even if she is not your constituent representative.

Rep. Sondra Erickson:  651-296-6746 / 800-709-0578

Ethan Hellier, her legislative assistant:  651-296-5380  

SCRIPT:   My name is …. And I live in the city of ……, Minnesota.  I’m calling to ask Rep Erickson to hear Eric Lucero’s, Parental Curriculum Review bill, House File (HF) 1777 in her committee TOMORROW!!! It is important to me and our family that parental rights be protected in Minnesota.  (You may put this however you wish.)

If she does not hear it, the bill will die with no chance of passage.  We need everyone in the state emailing and calling her office at the Capitol! 

Here is this very reasonable bill to protect a parent’s right to see the curriculum.

 We will start loading in the other bills  but they are not immediate needs for tonight.  The other bills will need to have emails and calls, also.  This is how you pass a bill into law.  Everyone needs to work together to make this happen.   MACC has worked super hard for the last nearly 2 years.  Thank you for caring about the children and families of Minnesota!