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The Perfect Plan to Destroy America – Nationalize Education

A must read article by Donna Garner!  If the present generation is not at all literate about the Bible, Classic literature itself will be very difficult to understand.  Fact is, the Classics allude to quite a bit of Biblical information that will be totally lost on this generation.   As all Classic literature is decimated by the Common Core State Standards, education no longer serves “life long learners”, in the best sense of the term, but instead serves the corporate workforce collective.

Indiana Decides to Withdraw from Common Core Testing Consortium

Governor Pence withdrew the state of Indiana from PARCC (Parnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) on Monday.  PARCC is one of two test consortiums that would measure student success for the Common Core Standards.  The other consortia is the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia).  Several states have now withdrawn from PARCC.  Only two states remain in the system, New York and Florida.

“On Monday, July 29, 2013, Governor Pence sent a letter to Governing Board Chair, Mitchell Chester of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), informing him of Indiana’s choice to withdraw from the Common Core program. PARCC supports the Common Core Standards that measures student success in school. Pence stated that, “Indiana’s educational standards must be rigorous, enable college and career readiness, and align with post-secondary educational expectations to best prepare our children to compete with their national and global peers,” and that “assessments must also align with these high standards.” Hoosiers have expressed concerns about the value of Common Core Standards for months and Pence’s announcement, for many, was a welcome song.”

HSLDA Goal: Block the Common Core Standards

The HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) has just announced a redesign of their website to include a significant amount of material on the Common Core Standards.  The Common Core Standards are much more than “school standards” and include a wide array of initiatives such as data mining.  Topic Papers, Articles and Downloads/Printables offer parents and citizens information as well as help in fighting Common Core.  HSLDA’s Goal: Block the Common Core Standards.

Michael Farris, HSLDA director, states “I oppose Common Core for two central reasons: first, because it creates yet another set of centralized government standards for education, and second, because the Common Core has served as a catalyst for a dangerous innovation in data collection for students that will follow them throughout their education.”

1.  Contact your state legislator immediately

2. Contact your federal representative

3.  Spread the word

4.  Follow HSLDA through e-mail alerts

5. Take Action!

According to the site, new pages include:

FAQS:  Everything you need to know about the Common Core at a glance!

Timeline: Where did the Common Core come from?

Glossary: Who are the major players and what do those abbreviations mean?

Analysis: For those who want more – our in-depth research behind the FAQS

Get Involved!  How you can make a difference!

“The Common Core can only be stopped if citizens in every state demand that their representative block the standards,” according to the HSLDA Take Action page.

We at Minnesota Against Common Core are encouraged to see HSLDA take a strong stand against CCSSI and strongly suggest all members sign up for their e-mail alerts!  If you are a homeschooler, it is very important that you become or maintain your membership with HSLDA.

Common Core – Growing Big Brother in the Classrooms

Michelle Malkin’s article “Who is Tracking our Children” should raise a huge red flag of distress to each and every parent in this country. This is downright invasion of privacy and deliberate abuse of companies against children and parental rights. And a stepping stone to cutting out parental say in education.

Governments spying, lying and conspiring against its citizens seems like a fantastic action movie for Hollywood. But this is no longer Hollywood, nor is it a motion picture. Today, this is real, and it’s even in our schools plaguing our children through many tools.

Technology: Under Common Core Standards certainly comes at a hefty price to privacy and parental rights. With schools coming under severe scrutiny because of RFID chips in ID badges and most recently, iris scans of children without parental consent, we have to ask who is really watching out for the best interest of our children when they are in school. Even the US Dept of Education’s Grit Report from February 2013 has listed sensors that will monitor our children including but most certainly not limited to Facial Expression Cameras, Posture Analysis Seats, Pressure Mouse, and a Wireless Skin Conductance Sensor .

Data mining: What is done with the information, who has access to it, and how long can these companies and/or our government hang onto and use this information against us? One must ask why do we need to collect all these data points, and why from children. One word comes to mind: Control. Someone has decided that in order to “Control” our children, they need to know every single aspect of their lives, their parents’ lives in order to “Control” every piece of every person’s lives. This is not the workings of a free society. Our educational rights as parents are quickly dwindling away with Common Core. If we wish to have any say in our children’s educations, we need to understand Common Core and Data mining and we need to inform all parents, school boards, legislators, and the media of these heinous and criminal acts against our children, us and our nation’s future in the world.

For more information, please read Michelle’s article here: